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Dead Horde

Reviewed on: PC
DNS Development
Publisher: DNS Development
Rated: "M" for Mature

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki

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User Rating:        6
Presentation: 6

Splattered blood on the walls, flashing lights, debris everywhere and dark corners - Dead Horde has obviously studied the zombie apocalypse playbook, and sticks to it - not trying to do anything new or novel.

Gameplay: 5

While the quick run and gun gameplay style of Dead Horde can be fun at first, it's not long before the game gets dragged down by its own mediocrity.

Lasting Appeal:

Between upgrading weapons and vehicle sections, there's enough to do, but that's not the problem - it's that the entire game is just plain boring. After the first section you're likely to feel like you're just grinding through and unlikely to finish.

Overall: 6
There are a lot of zombie games out there and a lot of them look like and play like Dead Horde, but the key here is that most of those games have much more personality and introduce something to the genre.
CHEATfactor: 6

I'm going to be honest with you. I sat at my computer ready to write my review for Dead Horde, the new top down, run and gun shooter from DNS development, but I had a tough time getting through it. Oh, it's not that the game has complex themes of survival that are hard to sum up or anything like that, it's just that it's such a boring paint by the numbers experience that I often had trouble remembering just what happened during my time with the game.

From blockbusters like Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead to indie darlings like I made a game with zomb1es 1n it!!!, there are a lot of zombie games on the market, and you're going to have a hard time finding one as bad as Dead Horde. It's predictable, has no personality and does nothing that the...excuse the term...hordes of zombie games has done before it.

"It's all been done before..."


Dead Horde places you as one of the lone survivors of a zombie apocalypse and your job; your only job is to shoot and blow up as many zombies as you can to survive. Sound familiar? Dead Horde employs a top down view that finds you holding down one button to shoot and another to move forward and that's it. Sound familiar? It should. It's all been done before in games like Zombie Apocalypse and I made a game with zomb1es 1n it!!!, but the key is that those games did something to inject the formula with a novel feeling. Zombie Apocalypse for example featured four player co-op (as opposed to 2 player here) and I made a game with zomb1es 1n it!!! was just plain silly, here we get none of that.

And there we have the key problem with Dead Horde. It's obvious that the developers have played the key zombie shooters of this generation and have lumped all of their key features into their game. For instance there's an almost carbon copy of Left 4 Dead's Boomer in the game. It's a pretty widely accepted fact in the gaming industry that the zombie shooter is a dated and stale genre and it's titles like these that offer absolutely no new ideas that are the perfect example of that.

"...I never thought that the zombie apocalypse would be this boring."


Throughout Dead Horde you'll gain the option to upgrade weapons at certain points and while it's a cool addition, in reality it does nothing for the gameplay. All of the weapons feel the same and lead to the feeling of merely grinding through each section from beginning to end. There's no real reason to explore, and you'll find yourself holding down two buttons and moving in one straightforward direction (well, except when you'll have to back pedal from enemies). You know, it's funny - I never thought that the zombie apocalypse would be this boring.

If Dead Horde had a saving factor it would be the vehicle sections which do tend to offer a break from the monotony of the game. It's quite fun to mow down the undead in a jeep or utility truck - the first few times, but when it happens again and again, it loses its appeal quickly. It's also important to note that the vehicle controls never really feel as tight as they should, and they often feel like you can't get control no matter what you do.

You've already played Dead Horde, even if you've never touched the game - it's all of your favorite parts from all of your favorite zombie games, only here they aren't done as well and have no personality. Dead Horde is an obvious attempt to grab a piece of a large yet dwindling audience. There are a ton of great zombie shooters on the market; hell there are a lot of competent zombie shooters on the market, why choose this one? 



CHEATS USED: Unlimited Grenades, Money, Health, Ammo

Okay, I'll admit it - I did have a bit of fun with one aspect of Dead Horde, watching zombies explode as I lobbed grenades into them. With the unlimited grenades cheat, I got a lot more fun out of that than I normally would have. Another key is the unlimited money cheat, which allows you to upgrade your weapons a lot faster than if you just played through the game. Speaking of which, you also get unlimited ammo and health and that's always a good thing.

The key to the Dead Horde trainer is that it makes the game a bit more fun and more fun to go through - key to enjoy a game like this.



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User # 86828
posted: 3/10/2012 6:43:33 PM -  Report Post                edit post

Thanks for the heads up.

It's good to know we can get an honest review without any worries about you guys pulling your punches.

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