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PC, XBox 360

Reviewed on: PC
Supergiant Games
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Rated: "E10+" for Everyone 10+

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki

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User Rating:        6
Presentation: 6

The game's immediate charm lies with its 16-bit influenced style, but its true identity is undoubtedly in the hands (and voice) of its ultimately cool and unseen narrator. It all comes together in a remarkable package that will keep you gripped until the end.

Gameplay: 5

Much like the visuals, the hack and slash combat is also very retro inspired. Though it can get old at times, the developers do a pretty impressive job keeping you entertained through new weapons, changing difficulties and well done progression.

Lasting Appeal:

Though the main game is a bit short, there's plenty to do after the credits roll. Completing the game unlocks weapon challenges and new modes including a game plus mode. Bastion is a remarkably deep indie game.

Overall: 6
It'll grab your attention with its style, but you'll fall in love with it thanks to its addicting hack and slash gameplay and surprising depth. Bastion is simply a game that needs to be experienced.
CHEATfactor: 6

xReady to feel old? This year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the Super Nintendo. Think about it. That's twenty years of Super Mario World. Twenty years (roughly) of Chrono Trigger and Earthbound. Perhaps it's a coincidence then that Bastion, a game that embodies the spirit of the much beloved console perhaps more than any before it is being released this year, but it's fitting. The game drips of 16-bit style, but doesn't rest solely on the past, as it's inventive and addictive gameplay creates a style and identity all its own. Simply put -- Bastion is simply a game that needs to be experienced.

Known only as The Kid, Bastion begins in a very Zelda-esque way as you awake in a world filled with destruction and tragedy. An event known only as “the calamity” has whipped out life and you soon find yourself on a quest to reach the Bastion, a landmark where everyone said they would go if things go bad. Along the way you'll encounter puzzles, a slew of enemies and some of the coolest art direction and visual style of this generation. It's not the most original plot and Bastion isn't a very complex game, but its intricacies lie in how such simple game design can go such a long way.

"'ll have to deal with an incredibly difficult curve..."


You've already seen the basic principles of Bastion in many other games, explore a fantasy world, kill monsters, level up and save the day, but what's key here is just how all of Bastion's elements work in harmony to create a truly gripping experience. The core hack and slash gameplay is simple and easy to pick up, and accessible enough for even novice players to jump right in to. Before long, you'll be acquiring new weapons and leveling up - and then it's too late, Bastion has its claws in you, and you're unlikely to be able to stop. Don't confuse the game's accessibility though with ease, as to truly experience the game and some of its later levels, you'll have to deal with an incredibly difficult curve, but it never gets inherently frustrating.

Of course, you won't be alone in your quest to get to The Bastion...sort of. Your entire journey is chronicled by an unforeseen narrator. Now, you may be thinking just what I was when I heard about this feature; that's got to be annoying. Surprisingly, it's not - it's one of the coolest features of the game. I originally thought the voice would be your typical RPG fodder, but it's surprisingly cool. The narrator's voice has a bit of grizzled southern draw to it and you may even find yourself playing for a while just to see what the narrator says next. Personally I was amazed at the non story moments I had, like the first time I fell off the game's map, and the narrator talked about my death, and how I had to watch my step.

"...the game handles all of the visual treats well..."


Also aiding in Bastion's flow and natural progression is the fact that it's pretty much drop dead gorgeous. Picture Earthbound, but with dazzling HD graphics and lush colors. Bastion is a great looking game, but the visuals aren't just for show, they help both bring you in to the game and give you the sense that you can explore this vast world. Remarkably, the game handles all of the visual treats well, with little to no slowdown, even when the screen is filled with enemies.

Bastion isn't the longest game on the market, as the gripping quest is over in mere hours if you play straight through, but luckily the developers included a bunch of extra content after the credits roll. There's extra weapon quests and the ability to play new game plus, where you can keep your current stats going in to a new game. These new modes are great and all, but for me, I just really wanted to jump in and experience Bastion all over again; and that's saying something.

Lately game developers have been very interested in our need for nostalgia, but where Bastion differs is that it uses that nostalgia factor as simply a starting point, and takes its ideas in a million directions after. From its addicting hack and slash gameplay to the gorgeous visuals and cool narrator, Bastion is as unique as they come, and you're going to want to check it out - your gaming library deserves it. 



CHEATS USED: Unlimited Repeater Ammo, Add XP, Add Healing Potions

Throughout my time with Bastion, after all of the different weapons, I constantly found myself going back to my repeater. It was my ole' trusty. I loved that the trainer from Cheat Happens gave me the option for unlimited repeater ammo.

The trainer also gives you the ability to add XP instantly, which helps you level up a ton faster, thus progressing through the game even faster and getting to use some of the other weapons. Strangely, I found myself using the healing potions cheat, rather than just kicking on the unlimited health cheat.



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User # 1257270
posted: 10/1/2011 9:06:27 AM -  Report Post              I rate this game   edit post

One of the most fascinating games I've ever played. Definitely a top favourite <3

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User # 1255896
posted: 9/29/2011 6:05:42 AM -  Report Post              I rate this game   edit post

Good game

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User # 655676
posted: 9/9/2011 4:06:54 PM -  Report Post              I rate this game   edit post

This Game is one of the best i ever played. The voice of the storyteller fantastic. Story is great and the gameplay it self is realy nice too.

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