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Slash TV  View Screenshot
Requires: Beat the Vincenzo mission The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade. Overall outfit.
Location: Cargo Ship at the Docks, Portland
Reward: $100 for level 1, $300 for level 2, $500 for level 3, $700 for level 4 & $1500 for level 5.

The mission can only be started between 18:00 and 05:00 and you have to wear the overall outfit. You have to kill everyone that attacks you using a chainsaw.

RC Triad Takedown  View Screenshot
Location: Toys in the Hood Van in Chinatown, Portland (under the roof with red pillars).
Reward: $1000 first time then $5000 when you beat your highscore.

Get into the van to start the mission. Use the RC car to kill Triads, you have to kill 20 of them to win the first time.

See the Sight before the Flight  View Screenshot
Location: Tourist booth at airport, Shoreside Vale.
Reward: Cash. Bulletproof Landstalker at hideout.

Here you have to drive tourists around to different sights and take their photo with the sight is in the background. Finish 12 missions to complete the challenge.

Karmageddon  View Screenshot
Requires: Beat the Father Ned mission Karmageddon.
Location: Firetruck at the Firestation, Staunton Island.
Reward: Cash.

Here you have to cause as much mayhem as possible to fill up your meter.

Avenging Angels
Requires: Beat the Salvatore mission Frighteners.
Location: Chinatown, Portland. Belleville Park, Staunton Island. Wichita Gardens & Cochrane Dam, Shoreside Vale.
Reward: Cash. For the Portland mission you get a bullet-proof Angel. For the Staunton Island mission you get cost-free arrests. For the Shoreside Vale mission you get the Superhero outfit at your hideout.

Wear the Avenging Angel outfit and approach an Avenging Angel and press Up to activate the mission. Now you have to kill rival gang members.


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