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The Wong Side of the Tracks  View Screenshot
Location: Elevated train station, Portland.
Reward: $1500

Get on the Sanchez parked on the train station. Complete the course hunted by three Triads. Keep in the middle of the tracks to avoid the trains.

Bump & Grinds  View Screenshot
Location: Harwood dirt bike course, in the north-west corner of Portland.
Reward: Cash. After you have beaten 10 courses you unlock the Manchez which is faster.

Get on the Sanchez parked by the track. Then try to beat the time.

Scrapyard Challenge  View Screenshot
Location: Car Crusher in the scrapyard, Portland
Reward: Cash.

Get on the Sanchez parked by the car crusher. Beat the highscore by picking up colored markers. You get 1 point for green ones, 2 points for yellow ones and 3 points for the red ones.

Go Go Faggio  View Screenshot
Location: The Newport docks, Staunton Island.
Reward: Cash. $1000 everytime you beat your highscore.

Get on the Faggio and pass through the 35 coronas before the time runs out.


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