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Roman . Vlad . Little Jacob . Faustin/Dimitri . Faustin . Dimitri . Brucie . Manny . Elizabeta . Playboy X . Dwayne . Francis . U. L. Paper Packie . Ray Boccino . Gerry . Derrick . Bernie Crane . Phil Bell . Jimmy Pegorino . Gambetti Family . Finale: Deal . Finale: Revenge

Since there are many different ways to complete a mission, you will only get a discription on what the mission is about and a general idea on how to complete it. You will not finish all missions for some charcaters at once, but they will be unlocked after you've done missions for other characters or after som in-game time has passed. So do not read too far ahead in missions you havent started yet to avoid spoilers.

A basic rule while doing missions is to always bring as much armor and different weapons as you can since you never know what situation you might end up in.

At some points in the game you will be given a choice to kill a certain character or spare his/her life. If you spare their lives they will become Random Characters for whom you can do small side missions later on. This does not affect the main story in any way.

NOTE! At the end of the game, after you've done the U. L. Paper mission That Special Someone you will be given a choice. There are two different endings to the main story depending on what you choose here, so a good idea is to save your game before you choose so you can load the game and make the other selection if you want to see both endings without playing through the game all over again.

Main Missions Overview:

- The Cousins Bellick
- It's your Call
- Three's a Crowd
- Bleed Out
- Easy Fare
- Jamaican Heat
- Uncle Vlad
- Logging On
- Roman's Sorrow
- Hostile Negotiation

- Bull in a China Shop
- Hung Out to Dry
- Clean Getaway
- Ivan the Not So Terrible

Little Jacob
- Concrete Jungle
- Shadow

- Crime and Punishment
- Do You Have Protection?
- Final Destination

- No Love Lost
- Rigged to Blow

- The Master and the Molotov
- Russian Revolution

- Search and Delete
- Easy As Can Be
- Out of the Closet...
- ...Out of the Closet
- No. 1

- Escuela of the Streets
- Street Sweeper
- The Puerto Rican Connection

- Luck of the Irish
- Blow Your Cover
- The Snow Storm
- Have a Heart

Playboy X
- Destruction for Beginners
- Photo Shoot
- The Holland Play...
- ...The Holland Play

Dwayne Forge
- Ruff Rider
- Undress to Kill

Francis McReary
- Call and Collect
- Final Interview...
- ...Final Interview
- Holland Nights
- Lure
- Blood Brothers

U. L. Paper
- Wrong is Right
- Portrait of a Killer
- Dust Off
- Paper Trail
- That Special Someone

Packie McReary
- Harboring a Grudge
- Waste not Want Knots
- Three Leaf Clover
- Undertaker
- Ransom

Ray Boccino
- A Long Way to Fall
- Taking in the Trash
- Meltdown
- Museum Piece
- No Way on the Subway
- Weekend at Florian's
- Late Checkout

Gerry McReary
- Action Speaks Louder Than Words
- I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle
- I'll take Her...
- ... I'll Take Her
- She's A Keeper
- Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Derrick McReary
- Smackdown
- Babysitting
- Tunnel of Death

Bernie Crane
- Hating the Haters
- Union Drive
- Buoys Ahoy
- Bryce's Inferno

Phil Bell
- Truck Hustle
- Catch the Wave
- Trespass
- To Live and Die in Alderney

Jimmy Pegorino
- Pegorino's Pride
- Payback
- Flat Line
- Pest Control

Gambetti Family
- Entourage
- Dining Out
- Liquidize the Assets

Finale: Deal
- If the Price is Right
- Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
- A Revenger's Tragedy

Finale: Revenge
- A Dish Best Served Cold
- Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
- Out of Comission









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