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Kaylee Tam
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I am a geek. I truly am. The only thing wrong with my picture is the absence of an Xbox and a hole in my knowledge of Halo. I used to play WoW and I want to play D&D if only I had people to play it with. I am relatively smart, and I like anything sci-fi, fantasy, and *some* horror. By *some* I mean so old / bad that it's funny. That's the only horror I like. And...
Oh. One more thing. For any Doctor Who fans out there, I would like to say that I am completely obsessed with the show. I want to consider myself an expert about it, so any new information is greatly appreciated. (Such as, canon I'm not familiar with from Classic Who.)
And for any non-Doctor Who fans... well... watch Doctor Who. Then I'll talk to you.
Oh, and a banana to anyone who can guess what ep the quote in my signature is from.
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