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A thousand words

my new fave song. i love to sing, and i think i look like lenne. so i learned the song.

I know that youre hiding things
using gentle words to share to me
your words were like a dream
but dreams could never fool me
not that easily

i acted so distant then
didnt say good bye before you left
but i was listening
you fight your battles far from me
far too easily
'save your tears cause ill come back'
i could hear that you whispered as you walked out that door
but i still swore to hide the pain when i turn back the pages
shouting might have been the answer what if i cried my eyes out
and begged you not to part
but now im not afraid to say whats in my heart
'cause a thousand words call out through the ages
theyll fly to you even though i can see
i know theyre reaching you
suspended on silver wings
theyll lead you into holiness
theyll hold you forever
a thousand words

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