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Write my essay About An Amazing Candle Trick
A New Project

There is a world of science tricks that you've probably never heard of or seen. In some cases, like this one, you don't need anymore than a candle and a lighter. I recommend using a tapered candle. I've found that they work the best. Also, use a long lighter if possible. It's much easier on your fingers.

Please note that I in no way do recommend playing with fire, but this trick seems relatively safe as long as it's performed by an adult. So kids, please, don't try this at home without adult supervision.
Candle Smoke is Flammable?

Yes! If I told you that you can relight an extinguished candle without actually touching the flame to it, would you believe me? Probably not, but you should. Because you can. The smoke from a candle actually contains vaporized wax. Vaporized wax is extremely flammable.
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