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    SpiffinChicken posted on Apr 28, 2018 12:59:04 PM - Report post
    originally posted by Ryahn

    With the Unlimited CBills option, I bought something for 11k then toggled the option and bought it again. For some reason I am not seeing my CBills change at all.

    I used this option an hour ago as I made some mistakes with what I was buying. All I did was...

    - Main Menu press F1 to activate the trainer.
    - Go to Store and buy an item, I bought an LMR10 weapon, buying anything helps the trainer find the correct value.
    - Note the top right Funds decreases.
    - Press Numpad 0 for unlimited CBills.
    - Every time you purchase something after activating this option your funds increase by 100,000,000.
    - Ensure you deactivate this to avoid the game crashing as once it gets near 900 million the game can crash. To be safe on this I only activated it once for an additional 100 million which should be enough for a while.

    Comment on what is an excellent trainer and very easy to use: Would it be possible to have the trainer show which options are activated or have it automatically deactivate after 5 seconds or so - this doesn't seem to fit asking for new trainer option as more of how it functions?

    Only using CH trainers to add fun to games already completed or for testing mods, etc.