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    Caliber posted on Dec 09, 2011 8:44:35 AM - Report post
    let me clarify. we recently updated the trainer to work a different way to take care of the 'crashing in 20 minutes' complaints. the way this trainer works, it isn't constantly updating the batman 'base address' to compare it when damage is being done. so i suggest a few things:

    1) if you are using the super strength option, then make sure to turn on the unlimited health option. in fact you might turn health option off and on a few times and THEN turn on the super strength option just before you are going to use it.

    2) if you see that you are getting killed over and over instantly with super strength option, make sure to 'recapture' the batman base by turning off and back on a few times the unlimited health option. you don't have to have unlimited health on all the time to use the super strength option, but you might need to recapture the batman base by using the unlimited health option a few times, especially after cutscenes, between levels, etc.

    i hope this helps,
    Trainer Creator