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weird pots on the walls
Heather  posted on Jan 02, 2005 1:37:19 PM - Report post

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I've seen these pot type things in various places on the walls throughout Hogwarts. You can target them but i can't seem to do anything with them. It seems as if there should be something to do with them...
wkluckhohn  posted on Jan 04, 2005 6:49:49 AM - Report post

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When Ron buys stink pellets from Fred and George, they set him a challenge.
Ron has to find 20 of these snake things on the walls and throw a stink pellet into them to turn them up the other way.
For every 5 you get Fred and George will give you a special Collectors Card.
The locations are as follows:
7th Floor
1. North Wing
2. Next to the Fat Ladies portrait
6th Floor
3. In Fred and George's bathroom
4. East Wing
5th Floor
5. Through the first door
4th Floor
6. Forth Floor Coridoor
7. Above Hospital Wing door
3rd Floor
8. Third Floor Coridoor
9. Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom
2nd Floor
10. Secret Passagway
1st Floor
11. Hidden in a secret passage behind the Gregory the Smarmy statue
12. Transfiguration Classroom, climb the bookshelves on the left
13. Transfiguration Classroom, climb the bookshelves then walk around the ledge to the other side
14. Between the Sixth and Seventh Floor, you have to stand closer to the seventh floor landing to get it
15. Above the Forth Floor Door
16. On the bottom Floor
17. Outside the Potions Classroom
18. Furthur down the same coridoor
19. Potions Classroom
20. Entrance Hall, nearest the Hufflepuff hourglass
J_M  posted on Feb 18, 2005 5:25:10 PM - Report post

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Question???????  posted on Feb 22, 2005 1:20:26 PM - Report post

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OK,I went to The Shop and thier was no stinky stuff for sale.Just frogs and passwords,ect.Then I went around trying to find the pots and couldnt see them either.I wonder if the computer game is different than the game cube game?I wouldnt think so but maybe.Does anyone have a gargoil on the grounds where the big animal bushes are?I cant figure out what its purpose is!!!
goku400  posted on Mar 24, 2006 2:20:22 PM - Report post

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I need help with unlocking the locked chest around howarts.Also on the fifth floor after the room with all the glass that you can break is a object on a table that can be targeted but i dont know what spell to use if you could kindly help me out i would be so thankful.
saxybandchic  posted on Jul 25, 2006 7:08:22 AM - Report post

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subjects off this topic but im stuck in the fifth floor and supposed to go and save nevelle but when i got the spell out of the little room i got stuck with the ghouls but i can't get out can someone help me.
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