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Help Me With Moves
great_racer  posted on Jun 18, 2010 5:20:07 PM - Report post

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i'm training my Smeargle. rite now it's moves are:

Dragon Claw

I'm wanting to teach it some better moves with Sketch and i'm not sure which moves to keep and which moves i should replace them with. these are the moves i'm wanting to teach it:

Brave Bird
Focus Blast
Draco Meteor
Water Spout
Hydro Cannon
Spacial Rend
Volt Tackle
Shadow Force

i know i want to keep the move Transform but i dont know which of the other moves to get rid of! HELP ME!

CoLeCcHiiA  posted on Jun 20, 2010 8:01:12 AM - Report post

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If you want a really good Set-Up Smeargle, I'll give you mine. His moves are:

Belly Drum
Baton Pass

Item - Quick Claw (To increase the chance of using Spore first) or a Chople Berry (Because it weakens the power of Fighting-Type moves and thats the only Super-Effective Type Move that can be used on you just incase your opponent moves first)

You MUST use this Pokemon to lead your PARTY!!

These are good moves because you use Spore to put the enemey to sleep, then Substitute to make sure your opponent doesn't get a free move in just incase he wakes up early from Spore. Then you use Belly Drum to increase Attack by +6 Stages and halving the users Maximum HP and with Substitute you should have a total of 1/4 of your HP left over because it takes up 1/4 of you Maximum HP and 2/4 + 1/4 = 3/4 gone. You then Baton Pass (Carries all effected bonus stages to your passed Pokemon) to your Fastest POKEMON becasuse his attack will now be MULTIPLYED by 6!! So say you Baton Pass to a Weavile (Which I highly reccomend) give him a Focus Sash to make sure the enemey doesn't wake up and 1 - Hit KO you which would not be good. Then just do work

Also if you need a Weavile too, I'll give you one also. I won't get in-depth on how to use him though. He knows Swords Dance to increase attack by +2 stages, Brick Break against normal, Ice Punch for a strong stab, and then Pursuit just incase you predict a switch in pokemon on the other team then it does 2x with a switching pokemon and 1.5x of its original damage because it's the same type attack as the pokemon using it.

And if you want to use Weavile as your lead you start with Swords Dance and than just go for the STAB (its the 1.5x multiplyer thing I just said) or the Super-Effective against Normal-Type, make sure you only use Swords Dance ONCE!

Hope this helps email me at if you want to trade and I'll tell you my FC through that, or PM me on this but I don't often check this so I reccommend emailing me.

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