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Whats your opinion?
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    MARS0LUS posted on Apr 18, 2010 10:33:29 PM - Report post
    Well, I have beat it. Played it in COOP, but sadly not yet on multiplayer(online)... but still, Id like to know peoples opinion on the game since this is like I think the fifth installment of the series. I enjoyed it.. yes they made some faults(like with any game anyone makes), but it has added quite a bit of plus's to the playing field on what I got to experience so far compared to the other games of the series.

    Weapons seem underbalanced when compared to real world counterparts, same with the gadgets, but overall it was a good game which I can say I am proud to have pre-ordered and had the pleasure of playing.

    Also the one thing that I liked, above all else with the series was the story line was good.
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    Zeth_Durron posted on Apr 19, 2010 1:01:54 AM - Report post
    Newcomers will be lost, and should at least play Double Agent first.

    Fans will appreciate the story.

    And depending on your style, you may or may not like the emphasis on killing.
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    HaloSpAz posted on May 03, 2010 9:25:35 AM - Report post
    huge splintercell fan so i loved this game! but ya definitely play double agent first at least to grasp everything about sarah and lambert.
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    RavenLand posted on Feb 10, 2011 6:27:39 AM - Report post
    I've got all the other games except this one. The first three games were brilliant and the fourth game, Double Agent, wasn't bad, it just took a step away from what the franchise is about, non leathal stealth.

    At first I tried the demo of Splinter Cell: Conviction and it was absolutely crap. I had no desire to get the full game after I had tested the demo. The controls weren't flowing as well as the past games and it was so much more focus on violence instead of stealth.

    BUT! I had a change of heart after spending a few days back in my hometown with my bestfriend. The controls worked so much better in the retail full version and we've been playing non-stop for almost a week. Co-op story is long and challenging, stealth is much more demanding and co-op in general is a ****load of fun.

    I'm going to borrow this game from him and play through the single player campagin. Might even consider buying this.

    Having played naught but the co-op games makes it hard to rate the game, but for me to rate the co-op modes, I'd give that part of the game a 7/10, maaaybe a weak 8/10

    Can't wait to try out the rest of it

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    Devillord2009 posted on Feb 10, 2011 6:49:28 AM - Report post
    Well I think that this is the best game in the series, coop story is a nice edition too, I find Splinter Cell Conviction to be very fun, also it has nice looking graphic
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    the-viking posted on Feb 26, 2011 2:19:31 AM - Report post
    Ha this is the first Splinter Cell iv ever played and i did superbly in it and loved it well there was a time i played the first Splinter Cell but barely even played it cause it as gay and boring but yeah Conviction was awesome
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