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A Story
Foxxie-kun  posted on Apr 09, 2010 10:22:47 PM - Report post

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As suddenly as the wolf appeared, an armor-clad figure with a fox tail fell from the sky and sheared the dragon's head in half down the center through the neck and to the base of the neck, blood spraying as the dragon fell limp and lifeless, still spurting the last of its lifeblood over the figure, the boiling hot substance crystallizing in places on the armor and sword of the figure as he reached in calmly and removes a single gemstone from the base of the throat.

Afterwards, he showered his armor in the final spurts of dragon blood and plunged his sword into the heart of the beast with ease.

He walks towards the group of people with his sword rested on his shoulder, the gigantic blade nearly reaching two meters behind him and the handle easily a half-meter in front of him.

As the final droplets of dragon blood crystallized, he uttered a spell to change his armor. The crystalline blood changed to a deep sapphire hue, his sword matching it, and the once gray metal of the plate and chain beneath the blood turned silvery-blue.

Large dragon-like wings sprouted from his back, unhindered by the armor which allowed the change seamlessly.

He removed his helm as he neared the group, and his face was that of the wolf's life-mate.

"What are you doing, trying to slay rogue dragons, babe? And of course these Storytellers don't know the gravity of what just transpired I assume. No matter. The power of the Story Tellers is waning with each passing hour, and less of their tellings are coming true. I estimate we're but the last ones who know of or are the story tellers that yet live in fact. If we are to save the world, then we must make haste, but then it's said by my masters in the Imperial Sect that even the story tellers can't win unaided when the last Tainted Elder falls. It just so happens that this is the one Tainted Elder I had last on my list to detain, while every other was killed long before I could arrive." The fox said.

"Strangely enough, my armor has undergone a change none have foreseen, and it is of no earthly material. It seems to channel my inner mana, and my blade as well. No matter, for now that the last Tainted Elder is dead, the last Seal has been broken, and the forces of darkness may already be flooding the physical plane in preparation for invading the Spiritual Plane where the storytellers hail from." The fox hung his head and sighed.

"Given an hour or so I can fashion some armor for two of you out of dragon scales, and this gemstone," He said motioning to the now sapphire crystal which came from the throat of the dragon, "is large enough to set a piece into most of our weapons. Of course it would be nigh useless in a ranged weapon unless it's of a more primal medium such as a bow. With the leftover shards I can make a few arrowheads and about a dozen rounds for guns I wager. Properly enchanted they can punch a hole in even golem armor."

The fox walked away without another word and started to prepare Wuffie's dragonscale armor first, and infusing a large piece of the crystal into the chest of the cuirass and another in his own sword. He worked tirelessly into the night.

Degari  posted on Apr 09, 2010 11:19:13 PM - Report post

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Degari chuckled.
"Perhaps you're right, maybe I actually have no idea what I'm doing and I'm just going through the motions of seemingly trying to save the world without a clue."
She coughed and sat down, back against a rock.
"We all know this world is dying, all worlds eventually start to die, but the denizens of this plane haven't looked after with world, and now this darkness is invading."
She looked to the sky and closed her eyes.
"I need to rest, I'll be better in the morning."

Just before she fell asleep, she remembered,
"I almost forgot, thank you."

She nodded off, "But I'm pretty sure that if I was at my usual state of health, I could've defeated it." she murmured, pride being the few things she had left.

hatchet_warrior  posted on Apr 10, 2010 4:34:08 PM - Report post

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"So you all have forgotten about rise?" hatchet screams as he runs to rise's side. He then pulls out a little bottle of a red fluid and pours it in rise's wounds healing him almost instantly but not without pain and in return hatchet lose's his arm from his elbow down. Hatchet lets out a grunt in pain and yells at the rest of the storytellers "Why would you just ignore the fact that we almost lost a story teller. Even though the 400 and some rounds of incendiary ammo into the dragons chest did not kill it, i still managed to remember rise!" hatchet then tremble's and grunts again, his vision grows blurry and his hearing starts to fade from the loss of his forearm he then says"I dont feel to good..." he falls to his knees and then colapse's into unconsciousness.
Degari  posted on Apr 10, 2010 7:53:05 PM - Report post

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Degari managed to wake up enough to glare at Hatchet.
"In case you haven't noticed, it was I who did the calling, managed to deal a good blow against the dragon and healed most of Rise's wounds, saving his life before I passed out. The humanoid fox and wolf managed to finish off the dragon."
She coughed, "But of course you wouldn't have noticed while you were shooting 400 bullets at the dragon."

Degari fell silent for a moment, "Thank you Hatchet, for healing his internal wounds and restoring his blood. I will repay you, somehow." She laughed, "That is, if we manage to survive through this all."

hatchet_warrior  posted on Apr 11, 2010 2:48:22 PM - Report post

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Hatchet wakes up screaming from the pain, he looks down where his arm should be and remembers what happened. He then realises he is in a cave near a fire and an old man is in the corner doing something.Hatchet then says to the old man "who are you and where am I?" the old man then turns around and he says "surely you remember me, I am the old man from the gun store." hatchet then says "yeah i remember you, you where cleaning that rather funny looking gun when i walked in." the old man laughed, he then said "that was no gun that was the Z3-27, a mechanical arm, it is a full arm model but i can shorten it to replace your arm." hatchet then fades back into unconsciousness. several days pass before he wakes up again. he looks down and sees the metal arm coming from his nub and makes a fist with his new hand, he then thanks the old man gathers his things and walks slowly out of the cave not knowing what is coming next, he prays that the dragon they have slayed is the only one around and nothing worse comes for them from hearing the spell degari cast.
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