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Paranormal activities!!
NobleCrusader  posted on Mar 28, 2010 9:54:17 AM - Report post

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So me and my friends watched this movie recently.
Most of my friends believed it was real, but then I told them it had seven different endings.

That lead to the discussion of whether ghosts were real or not.

Do you believe in paranormal things?

I must admit that I belive that there are things in our world which are hidden from our eyes, I mean think about it.

A dog can hear, smell, maybe even see things that we can't. So it would make sense that there is something in our world which we cannot see.

Paradox  posted on Mar 28, 2010 10:08:00 AM - Report post

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Believing in paranormal things is just silly. Paranormal activity is simply an explanation for things without one. When you don't know all the parts of a story, you fill in the void with ghosts and magic.

As for dogs, of course they can. Their ears are better than ours, so they can hear at a different range of frequencies than us. Their noses are different than ours, so they have a much stronger sense of smell. Just because they sense it and we don't doesn't mean it's magic.

Dhampy  posted on Mar 28, 2010 10:14:06 AM - Report post

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I don't see why paranormal things wouldn't exist, as it's just a way to describe phenomena that we don't yet understand.
NobleCrusader  posted on Mar 28, 2010 10:16:16 AM - Report post

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I never said it was magic, I just said that there may be something which we can't see.
Telapicus_old  posted on Mar 28, 2010 10:20:52 AM - Report post

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well its rather that films have made us believe many things they can change our course of thinking but its what we take from any movie that will decide our thinking.

E.g i watched paranormal and it looked real so i was scared of any noise for the next couple of days then i found out its not real I'm not anymore its the information we need to make a choice.

iNTANGiBLE  posted on Mar 28, 2010 10:35:07 AM - Report post

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I don't believe in ghosts.
SuperSkyline89  posted on Mar 28, 2010 11:35:02 AM - Report post

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I'm half-half on this. I don't believe in the popularized form of paranormal things. I don't believe in fortune tellers, or ghost whisperers, or things like that Paranormal Detectives crap on A&E. It's not that I don't believe these kinds of things can happen or that no human can communicate with "spirits", but the fact that there are so many who claim it that it forces me to simply dismiss them all.

When I was a kid my dad took me through the whole history of Sikhism, and I have some understanding of other religions (I've seen a lot of Ramayan). I've heard the things that prophets have done and I believe them, because they were real messengers of God, not someone who just wanted to make some money like all the so called "gifted" people these days.

I also firmly believe that there are things out there that we simply don't understand. I'm no expert on animals but I've heard about dogs sensing imminent death in people, or cats "sensing" unseen forces like the spirit of a dead person. Now, I don't know if those are true but if there wasn't something to it I don't think the stories would be so widespread. And in the end it might just be some simple scientific explanation to it all, and if there is then that's all fine and well. People used to think that fire and magnetism was magic but now we understand they aren't, maybe one day we'll find a way to explain these things and it won't be so amazing or scary anymore.

HonestGamer  posted on Mar 28, 2010 11:36:24 AM - Report post

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I believe in spirits, so does that make me believe in ghosts?
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