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FYI Regarding Retired Games/Trainers
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    rakker91 posted on Nov 14, 2012 4:18:20 PM - Report post

    Having done some hacking to make my own trainers, you guys are awesome. It's time consuming and I really appreciate the fantastic trainers you make.

    Keep up the good work and don't let the losers get you down.
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    Chikushodo posted on Nov 17, 2012 10:43:03 PM - Report post
    "I get complaints that the trainer doesn't work with the Nigerian, Hungarian or Ancient Mayan version of the game, when of course it should work with every version known to man, right? " ROFL
    THAT got me laughing...Ancient Mayan version....

    Seriously though, you are right...some people are simply too stupid to realize how much hard work you guys put into each and every demanding games that come out every month.

    I guess its called being "brain-less".

    You guys always give us good trainers. Kudos to you all programmers; and to those is my big middle finger. Either learn to respect the programmers or go whine on COD match.
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    Bok_Choy_Tang posted on Nov 22, 2012 10:21:15 PM - Report post
    What I am about to suggest may or may not get welcoming support / responses from the current CH members.

    I recommend the CH Team should be charging a minimum of $5 per month to all of its current members. A fee of $5 per month is so minis cure for the individual member but it can make a big different to the CH team - C'mmon a can of lemonade costs more than $1.50!

    It is fair to say that some of the CH Team members have mouths to feed and all we have done is taking advantage of their passion and dedication. Guys, look around you - nobody wants to run a loss (negative income) business.

    I can guarantee the CH Team that I'll be the first one to support if this procedure was to kick off!
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    ManiusCaesar posted on Nov 25, 2012 11:57:59 PM - Report post
    I do get the point that you can't support all games. I personally am more of a Steam fan these days. I would be inclined to say if offered on Steam focus there. I did pay for the lifetime membership. Which I feel was a great investment. I do agree you all can't afford nor make a trainer for all games at the prices set. I saw someone saying something about a 5 dollar charge a month. I guess a smaller monthly fee would attract more people, but all and all I think the 30 a month or the however much the lifetime is fair. I just say not to focus on every game. I would even think of taking a poll of what games people want focus on. I know I just purchased Batman Arkham City GOTY edition on Steam. I do see it had been retired. I can see why people like myself do put money into trainers. While the gaming community on a whole looks down at trainers. I find them to often make the game far more enjoyable. I know I wouldn't mind if you would update batman, but do know that you can't manage to cover a game forever.

    I want to say thank you. While, I am going to see if anyone out there has a current trainer. I am glad I put my money into this. I do use Artmoney and Poke, but for games like Batman. It really doesn't do a whole lot.
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    bdo7 posted on Nov 26, 2012 12:37:24 AM - Report post
    The only thing better than downloading sweet trainers from CH is watching Pwizard come down hard on idiots. Every time I see him clamp down on some petulant moron, I feel a warm glow.

    I for one would merrily support the banning of whiners (maybe have a 3-strike system or something, 'cause anyone can have a lousy day) but that would probably just add more work for the guys, and they have enough on their plates. FWIW, though, I'd rather see a whiny member "retired" than see a trainer retired because of his whining... and the member still be here!! Something's wrong with that, lol.

    I would also gladly pay a small ongoing fee if it ever came to that. 5 bucks a month would be a breeze, and well worth it. And I say that as someone who has already ponied up for lifetime. There again, there's a reality check - people are cheap, and in all likelihood the CH team would make LESS money with a monthly fee, because far fewer people would want to be members if it meant a recurring charge. That's my guess, anyway.

    Bottom line, I'd do just about anything to support CH and what they do. They've made my gaming life so much more fun. I cannot understand the whiners, and I wish they would just GO AWAY FOREVER.
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    Ashar posted on Jan 17, 2013 8:24:48 AM - Report post
    I cant even remember what i paid for lifetime/unlimited, i dont think it was much, but it was definetly worth it. Coming up to 7 years as a paid member, and have had no regrets, but i have had the odd tantrum, even got banned once, but after i apologised everything got sorted.

    I think thats the key, if people get a bit upset, maybe throw a tantrum, if they sincerly apologise after it should make up. We forget the CH team are real people too somtimes, not the sleepless slave workers they appear to be.

    We are all people, we all get upset sometimes, ive seem members and ch staff all have wobbly moments, pwiz loves his little rants, thats part of his charm.

    Sometimes though, when we get so used to usign a trainer only for it to stop workign because a game has been retired, its really annoying, its not ch team's fault, its just the way thigns are with all the patchign and anti cheat systems inplace.

    Back when everything was offline, no auto patching, where msot games actually had built in cheats. I dont get why game developers went from activly encouraging cheaters by putting command/console cheats in, to activly punishing cheaters.

    I use to not buy a game until a trainer had already been made for it, but with all the preorder dlc and such, its not as easy anymore.

    So thats that, while whiners are annoying, we all whine about somethign at some point, so we cant get all high and mighty when someoen does, jsut let them cool off, and apologize, only if they show no remorce, and seem to almost be trolling should harsher measures be used.

    Thanks for all your tireless work CH'ers
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    0x90 posted on Jan 17, 2013 9:47:49 AM - Report post
    All I can say is that as a coder and a player, those are two different points of view. I'm both, a coder and a player and sometimes I feel like sharing my experience and knowledge would help those people, who got upset. But on the other hand my english is just to terrible to write a good statement on this.

    But just an example, Triple Town. Lots of requests and I've taken a look on this game several times, but I've skipped it. It's not worth it, sadly. I mean, you can trust me when I say, I love my job. I love providing trainers and I really would do it for all games with all possible features.

    But yeah, I'm a human like everyone else. I've got a private life, I've got a girlfriend. And as an author for CH, I'm trying to write trainers and support as much games as possible.

    We need to decide where to spend our time on. We work 7 days a week, we work during holidays and we work 24 hours per day and we will continue doing so!

    But when you're feeling upset, you forget that we have feelings too. If you say we're dumb and ignorant and stupid and lazy and our work is ****, how do you think we might feel then? Well and if you ask for help and got just a single link to the troubleshooting guide or a "rude" answer, it's not personal. It's because we get hundreds of emails, pm's and posts each day and after reading 80 of them, you're a little bit.. annoyed because we've a wonderful guide and the guide solves nearly all problems, or the answer to your question is already posted in the thread over and over again.

    I've great respect for Chris. I don't want to know what he must read every day and I'm 100% serious when I'm saying I hope this will not have an impact on his private life.

    Personally... might be the wrong way, but I'm always trying to satisfy ALL of you. It's not my job! It's what I want!
    And as long as I can find a single "thank you!" I'll continue doing so. I think CH has a great community and every day I found a single post or pm telling me, that I'm right on this.
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    Milambervon posted on Jan 17, 2013 3:55:50 PM - Report post

    Cheat Happens Team.

    I like your trainers and think you are doing a very good job

    Keep up the good work

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