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kill 9 lieutenants
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    scattman57 posted on Mar 22, 2010 12:03:00 PM - Report post
    does anyone know to get on board the ship in florence and kill
    girolamo savonarola`s lieutenant it s driving me potty,i`m sure that there is a simple way but i just cant figure it out
    can any one help
    many thanx
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    BladeBlunter posted on Mar 23, 2010 10:38:40 AM - Report post
    The best way I found was to swim round the side of the ship furthest away from the town, climb up the side and get to the area where there's a gap in the side. Hang from the edge until there's a gap in the patrolling guards then jump onboard and do an assassination jump onto the merchant, if you're quick enough the kill will register before the guards are alerted. Once he's dead then jump back over the side and dive until you're back to being anonymous. I didn't use the NumPad 6 or 4 cheats whilst doing this, don't know if that made any difference. Hope this helps.
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    McIntyre4206 posted on May 29, 2010 12:11:28 AM - Report post
    Well, in AC2. I try a more tactical approach. Seems to work pretty well, not to mention IMO adding a bit of realism as I would think a real assassin would do this and not just randomly go barging in and killing his target.

    First, kill that archer on the top. Idk if his viewrange is that great but I don't take any chances on these missions. Jump in the water, climb slightly on the docks. Wait for that one guard to go by and kill him via still hanging on the docks.

    Next, jump on the side of the ship and move towards the back of it. Do the same that you did on the docks. Hang on the side, wait for a guard to come by and pick him off. There are two guards that patrol towards the back so once you are done with those two. You can jump on and take out the two guards by the wheel at the same time. You will probally by spotted (yellow marker) so you will have to go back to the back of the ship and jump down and hang off back unti'll they stop looking. Would only take a couple of seconds.

    Afterwards, the entire back of the ship is neutralized. You can than jump back on board, go towards the steering wheel. Jump on it, than quickly jump on the ledge infront of the wheel. Below you will be your target, you can do a air assassination and you're done. Got your target without being spotted and further more less guards to fight once your done.
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