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Weapon purchase/pick up Issues
  • Send a message to sony1978a
    sony1978a posted on Mar 27, 2010 8:00:23 AM - Report post
    for me is not a bug, then how come the free tainer works,and the ch trainer gives you weapon pic up problems? alos i never said CH trainers are bad,they are the best out there thats why i joined unlinited. but not evrey one is perfict,the free traine i use never ever crashed my PC,but the ch traine sadly dose.Cheat happen should make a new one is not like the end of the world lol.
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    Dhampy posted on Mar 29, 2010 6:27:55 PM - Report post
    originally posted by blackforest

    it happen when you are in first lvl buy the weapons before go to the amory to take the item. The only way to fix that is replay your game and take the equip first before you buy any weapons.


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    master-D posted on Apr 11, 2010 8:24:59 AM - Report post
    yea have the same problem
    it was driving me crazy

    [Edited by master-D, 4/11/2010 9:06:07 AM]
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    Send a message to pablo22885
    pablo22885 posted on Oct 23, 2012 5:52:02 PM - Report post
    It's not a game bug, and the reason the other free trainer works and this not is that thing this guy was saying. It seems that you have a certain weight carry capacity, so when you have that huge amount of ammo, you are overweight and can't buy anything "heavy".
    I tried wasting my ammo and could buy AK/VSP and all stuff with CH trainer aswell... There's no need for a savegame . Just waste your ammo, it will take some time... and then you will be able to buy anything.

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    Horsem4n posted on Dec 14, 2012 12:36:46 PM - Report post
    Actually, its a known issue that if you buy a rifle at your home station before visiting the armory, it glitches the game and you have to keep your silenced bastard forever. if you want the silenced bastard from the start, which is a slightly more effective carbine than the unsilenced version, you can buy anything you want from the home station AFTER you pick up the default bastard from the armory.

    another bug i ran into, which my brother also ran into on his xbox version that he didn't cheat on, was that i could not pick up any gas mask filters. i could buy them and i could receive them from NPCs, but i could not pick up the ones i found in the environment. making the last portion of the game from the library on, very difficult.
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