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Console problems
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    Jurant posted on Feb 28, 2010 9:44:14 AM - Report post
    Ok so I activated the console I type in the command but it doesnt work, I dont know why. I type it in exactly as it is shown, some commands work but specific item commands do not. Like give all works but i dont want to do that i just want a few items not every single one. Is there any specific way to type it in as in I put "give It_armor_Don_Elite" but it doesnt work for some reason
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    schoolofmonkey posted on Mar 29, 2010 2:06:13 AM - Report post
    Yeah how do you get the console in the 1.1 patch?
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    DJLethalDosge posted on Jun 26, 2014 6:45:56 PM - Report post
    I had same issue, if you read the .txt that accompanies the console activator, unless you just us minsky, then, nevermind, but in the .txt from the console activator, it says that the commands listed in the commands/codes file are not exactly as they are in game for some reason, so what you need to do is type for example "give it_armor_don" w/o quotes and then press tab and you should get elite or just type "give it_armor" and do the same press tab and it will show an armor and if that is not the one you want, or you don't want to break quest/complete quest by getting it that way, then press tab again and another armor will show and just press enter, there is no need to press 1 at the end to get 1 of it, and this goes for weapons and everything else as well, like like I wanted to get Prospecting Ore early right? so I tried "Teach it_prospecting_ore" as well as just "prospectingore" and it did not work, and what the console command says to do is type teach and then the skill name, well the name Prospecting Ore is not what the game uses, it actually uses "Mining" so it was "teach it_mining 3" w/o quotes.... Hope this helps
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