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Kasumi Sound Clips
iamthebest22  posted on Feb 06, 2010 5:06:42 PM - Report post

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Dunno if this is true, but this guy has apparently sound clips of Kasumi:

a few of it anyways.

iamthebest22  posted on Feb 07, 2010 3:53:09 PM - Report post

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No one is interested in wanting to know what Kasumi sounds like? o.o
shadowhawk27  posted on Feb 07, 2010 5:43:41 PM - Report post

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I have an issue with that voice, and that is... well, it totally doesn't sound quite right, true, we have no proper idea of what Kasumi should sound like, however for most characters in game settings, you can look at the character, and try to picture a voice, like with Zaeed for example, without ever hearing him, you could look at a picture of him, and think, hrmm, he looks like a battle hardened older guy, probably a rough deeper voice, but he doesn't look as if he'll be 100% serious sounding ALL the time either. And that's a kinda proper description.. Tali, you can imagine her having an accent, perhaps a mechanical tone of some sort to it, and yeah that fits. Thane you can look at and think, well perhaps he has a bit of a fishy voice, he looks kinda like a fish, oh, he's a lizard? Interesting, looks more like a fish.. and well, his voice does have a watery, gargling tone to it... My point is, that those files don't even seem... well, they don't seem complete, they could simply be a woman who works for Bioware, who, if they came up with Kasumi as a joke, they just had her do a few lines.

ALSO Explain to me, why would a DLC character be using audio files that were added during regular installation? It would make more sense for a DLC character to be using audio files that were downloaded during that character's DLC download process, no? Those files also seem to only be "idle chatter" type audio files, meaning the things she would say if she were on the Citadel, or Illium, or Tuchanka, or Omega, you know how there's the "Talk to Garrus" type thing that pops up in the hub worlds, those are what I'm talking about. It's not as if you've got audio files that would play when you meet her, talking about her story, and how she joins you etc...

Also, one big consideration that just came to my mind when listening to those... How do we know she'd really be a character that would join you? For all we know, she could simply be a character who is involved in a line of city missions that is involved in a future DLC. Example: It starts in the Citadel, Captain Bailey mentions to you that there has been a bit of a problem lately with a thief (Kasumi) who has been stealing things (he'll list a number of things), and Shepard takes it upon themselves to go find out who's responsible, within that, they end up finding Kasumi, who they end up having to chase, from the Citadel, say she goes to Illium, and the audio files that have been found, they can simply be a small thing like if you chat to her before that part of the mission is active, she'll give you some flavor chat. Anyways, you then go to Illium, chase her more, she escapes and makes her way to Omega. There's no necessity that Kasumi would join you at the end of this mission line, it could simply be a mission such as this... True that it could be considered a bit of a stretch saying all of this, however, it's no more of a stretch than people saying she's ABSOLUTELY a future DLC character that joins your squad.

ByDesign  posted on Feb 07, 2010 10:39:22 PM - Report post

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The answer to your question why DLC files would be part of the base installation. Is because they budgeted their DLC audio budget during normal production.

Because the Voice actor(ess) in question may have had timing issues if it was done later do to other commitments.

And its rather routine to include functionality to be used later in the base game. Saves on download sizes and such.

That is just for starters.

shadowhawk27  posted on Feb 08, 2010 1:39:56 PM - Report post

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No answer to the thoughts that she could simply be part of a mission line added through the dlc eh? She HAS to be a squad member in your mind? Also yea, I've seen the pictures of Kasumi supposedly on the squad window, however they place her dossier in any spot they wish to, which means you could just as easily take a picture of Blasto, write up a dossier, and place him in whatever spot you want, use Blasto instead of Jacob. And really, there's always files in games that they intended to use, but never ended up making it to the final cut. If she's called a squad member by Bioware in the future, there's no problem here, but until Bioware says so, I don't see why people hang on as if she is one. If you're so badly wanting Kasumi as a squad member, and she ends up not being one, you may be disappointed, I don't really care for her to be a squad member, but if Bioware says she will be, I won't be disappointed. Just feels like setting yourself up for disappointment, and trying to push Kasumi as if she was already set in stone, which she's not.
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