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Free Romance
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    Takekaze posted on Feb 04, 2010 7:28:42 AM - Report post
    My question is actually: who cares? So what if there's no same-sex romance? Heck, I don't even care about the normal romances in DA and ME. So, honestly, what's the big deal about it?
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    Foxxie-kun posted on Feb 04, 2010 9:13:11 AM - Report post
    I'm really trying hard to not cheat on Liara T'Soni for my paragon Shepard Adept. I MIGHT cheat on her with Tali'Zorah vas Normandy for my renegade Shepard, but Jack and Miranda are just too... Human and mundane for my tastes, not worth risking my ME3 Liara romance with.

    And I saw once that someone thought that none of the crew would make a return from ME2 to ME3. BioWare is more than capable of compensating for deaths/survivals in the Suicide Mission and having applicable characters reappear or be replaced for ME3 to keep a diverse and yet familiar roster. Tali and Garrus are staples for the Mass Effect universe and Normandy's crew. Without them, I think things would crumble a bit unless adequately replaced.

    I actually wish there was same-sex romance in the Mass Effect games. Then I could identify with my Shepard more. That's just me though.

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