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Class choice
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    Plasmatic posted on Feb 02, 2010 2:17:48 PM - Report post
    I'm having a lot of trouble choosing a class.. I had the same problem in ME1.. not sure what I want to do..

    Weapon usage isn't an issue.

    Soldier is nice for the 'bullet time' but feels utterly helpless when biotics or tech is needed..

    Vanguard well.. charge is nice and all.. but only really useful for finishing off that last enemy.. if you use it with more than 1 or 2 guys on you your pretty much toast when you get out of 'phasing' at least in my experience.

    Infiltraitor well I haven't actually tried him yet but doing so now.. I was slightly disappointed to find the scoped 'bullet time' only lasted so long.. the cloak seems interesting and useful, especially with the damage bonus but I imagine it's vulnerable as well, since you wont have shield recharge for a bit? AI Hacking seems incredibly useful, specielly when facing those big mech like robot thingies... (I enjoy the sniper rifle a lot..but it could use more ammo, assuming that comes later in the game?)

    Sentinel the mix of powers is nice, but since they all share the same cool down timer it gets really annoying for me after a bit, (personally I'd rather of seen slightly longer cooldowns but not shared, once you use the power that takes the longest to cycle you feel helpless with just a gun..)
    The tech armor seems overpowered.. unless your getting smacked by 3 or 4 enemies you could keep it on indefinitely..and I generally don't like overpowered things because it tends to make the game too easy..

    Adept Is fun when you 'stack' the powers, but I feel redundant because most of my 'team' can use biotics as well..
    that or that team member feels redundant in the sense that I could have somebody else with other skills for a larger bonus..
    and the whole feeling useless when skills are recharging applies here as well..

    Engineer doesn't really appeal to me..

    If you have played the class I would like to hear your side of the story, even if you didn't enjoy the class.. I'm sure I'm not the only one to have a hard time finding a class..

    I intend to play on Veteran difficulty

    "The Way It's Meant To Die"
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    SIL3NT-DE4TH posted on Feb 02, 2010 4:10:15 PM - Report post

    video class guide. form IGN

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    Plasmatic posted on Feb 03, 2010 3:10:02 AM - Report post
    Thanks, but I've seen all that footage several times before, and she didn't really say anything different than what Christina Norman said in Bioware's class reveal trailers..

    although she was nice to look at, very nice indeed..

    "The Way It's Meant To Die"
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    Send a message to EverteMax
    EverteMax posted on Feb 04, 2010 1:37:33 AM - Report post
    This boils down to how you want the battle to play out...asking you to try each class does seem to waste time, but do narrow it down to abt 2 and try them out to see which one you like.

    Basically...3 types of skills: Combat, Tech, Biotic

    Combat -> Cuts down enemies fast. Direct style of play and kill. Ammo types is good for cutting down all types of enemies and barriers, shields, armor. Killing blows include concussive shot.

    Tech -> Controls battle field. Manipulate enemies (Hacking, drone). No killing blows. Cryo and Incinerate does slow down enemies.

    Biotic -> Controls enemies. Traps enemies (pull, singularity) with a sort of ok killing blow like throw. Warp is an extremely good power for enemy barriers and armor. Contrary to what is explained in vids, it does damage to shields too.

    So for what I have tried...

    Adept (playing now). I believe this is the all rounded class cause all biotic powers are available and each one has a use for diff situations. I bring around combat characters for the kills. However, with pull-throw combi, I can take down enemies on my own too. On top of that, with singularity and shockwave, I can defuse crowds. With warp, I can help my team bring down enemy barriers for them to finish the kill. And when you master how to arc powers around corners and cover, NO ONE can hide from you!!! Adepts can kill behind cover without firing or moving to the next cover. Distance is not a problem for them.

    Vanguard. Fun class to play with. Cryo ammo combined with charge is very effective in killing off enemies. However, charge is dangerous when u r off into groups of enemy without your team. Also, not a very good class at bringing down enemy barriers, so have to always rely on team mates. Incendiary ammo can only do so much. You can charge and blast them off with shotguns but...still it's dangerous.

    Sentinel. Superb in support. Overload, Warp. You can laugh at any enemy barriers. Cryo blast with throw is again an effective way in killing off enemy. Tech Armor is extremely useful when playing at higher difficulty levels. However, with the lack of ammo and weapon training, you have to stay behind a lot. You will actually see less action than the adept.

    Others I didn't try...and won't
    Engineers. Some swears by it, but tech skills are way too limited if you want to move thru a battle fast.

    Infiltrators. Stealth play is just not for me. Cloak is a great backstab or escape skill but that's all. I prefer in taking out groups instead of one.

    I may try...
    Soldiers. Guns and Ammo. Adrenaline rush is good if you wan to score more headshots. Not that you can't do it with other classes, but it is difficult with enemies moving around so much. Concussive shot is good killing blow if you have someone biotic pull the enemy for you, like Jacob.

    So there you have experience with the classes. As you can see...I do support biotic over tech. I only like cryo blast. Also for me, combat is about = biotic.

    [Edited by EverteMax, 2/4/2010 1:39:49 AM]

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    Sebbastar posted on Feb 06, 2010 5:28:29 AM - Report post
    if the sentinel shield thing was visible in conversations i i would be more pleased,, but no,, adept and vanguard are my faves,,
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    Send a message to Plasmatic
    Plasmatic posted on Feb 06, 2010 6:31:53 AM - Report post
    I've played a bit farther with the Infil and at first I liked it, but it does get pretty repetitive pretty quick.

    while your cloaked your abilities also don't recharge, which is kinda dumb.. (although I understand why it's like that)

    If the tech armor looked better, closer to your body and if we could change the color I would probably play sentinel as well.. but I'm leaning towards going back to the adept because with biotics you can take an enemy out in several ways.. with the infil its basically just like the soldier.. shoot em till they die.. (although the soldiers adrenaline rush was fun)

    Thanks for the responses

    "The Way It's Meant To Die"
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    Skyheart posted on Feb 06, 2010 6:50:23 AM - Report post
    I played as a Soldier through every playthrough of ME1 and ME2, but on my last I decided to give another class a go and tried the Engineer. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Inferno is just awesome, except for mechanical enemies. Couple that with a special ability from importing a character and the advanced training research on the Normandy and you can get a pretty powerful character.

    The only thing I missed was the range of weapons a Soldier can use. SMG's just blow. I ended up playing most of the game with my 'Hand Cannon' and biotics.

    "Remember the good old days when you could just slap Omni-Gel on everything?" - Shepard, ME2

    "Not right now. Trying to determine how Scale Itch got aboard. Sexually transmitted disease carried only by Varren..... Implications unpleasant." - Mordin, ME2
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    Send a message to Plasmatic
    Plasmatic posted on Feb 06, 2010 7:18:46 AM - Report post
    far as I've been able to tell.. SMG's in Me2 are just fast and weak pistols.. not really SMG's at all..

    SMG's in my mind should rather be smaller, weaker assault rifles, shorter range, but not as heavy. I mean, isn't that what they are Irl, smaller and more mobile assault rifles?

    Having never served in any sort of military of law enforcement I've handled either weapon outside of games.. so I may be off..

    "The Way It's Meant To Die"
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