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God Mode
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    Bad1945 posted on Jan 31, 2010 8:14:02 AM - Report post
    Hello guys!
    I'm here to show you how to enable GOD MODE of this game.
    Go to the game's folder (where you instaled) seek for an
    archive named "Config.ini", open it seek for "DOGMODE"
    and you'll find a line like this "DBG_DOGMODE=false"
    you need to change to this "DBG_DOGMODE=true"
    than save the archive and play, see the to of screen, if there's a "GOD MODE" written, than it worked

    hope i helped!
    and sorry if my english is bad XD
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    Bubba262 posted on Feb 23, 2010 6:30:46 PM - Report post
    FYI this doesn't work if you have the Direct2Drive version.
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    Send a message to predcon
    predcon posted on May 07, 2013 7:54:46 PM - Report post
    Does this have any negative effect on the game? Like how other games freeze your score at zero, or some even add dialogue to the cutscenes to reflect cheating?
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