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Request more detail on one of the cheats
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    DragonStarNova posted on Jan 30, 2010 4:48:28 AM - Report post
    Am having some difficulty undstanding this cheat, can I plz have a more detail explanation to it's fuction.

    Numpad .: Mini Game Timers - this option will help you solve both minigame types. For the first minigame type, you just press SPACE three times and you are done. For the second type just click on 2 sockets and you are done.

    Found in the game 2 different types of bypasses. Doors and Security Consoles. Tried the 2 sockets things in a door bypass and got a failure message. Which sockets should be done? each one is different everytime you do the minigame.


    Sigh, wow... this cheat does not work. press the . on the numpad and does not stop the minigame. all other cheats work. Am using the Steam/D2D version.

    Is there INI file cheat since could not find any sort of ini files like they had for ME1.

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    PWizard posted on Jan 30, 2010 5:13:08 AM - Report post
    The option does not 'stop' the minigame, it cause it to be completed when the instructions are followed. Tested and working fine.

    Turn the option ON BEFORE entering the hacks.

    On the scrolling text hack, simply press SPACE three times and it will be completed. On the matching sockets hack, click on two sockets and it will be completed.

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    Skyheart posted on Jan 30, 2010 6:29:53 AM - Report post
    I think I know what you're doing wrong - the two symbols have to be a matching pair. Two different symbols, even with the trainer, will cause a failure.
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    crayo posted on Jan 30, 2010 10:57:30 AM - Report post
    It sounds like you are doing what I was doing at first. I got it to work if I turned the option on before "using" the thing that starts the mini-game. If I wait to turn it on once the mini-game has opened the new option does nothing.

    Before, if I turned on the option when the mini-game opened the timer would stop. But now it has to be activated before even opening the game (not just before starting it).

    I'm not sure if that's a good description and not sure if others have had the same experience but that's what got it to work for me.

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