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CHXBL Rules and Information
Bes  posted on Jan 29, 2010 1:10:20 PM - Report post

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Welcome to the Cheat Happens Xtreme Battle League! Reading this will tell you everything you need to know about the League.

Besonator (Founder/General Manager)
Latiosmaster47 (Moderative Manager)
Vonfuzzball (Results)
lamile (Results)
H (Results)

How does it work?

The CHXBL consists of 4 Divisions with 8 Users in each division.

Division I contains the users who have done the best in the voting, Division IV contains the users who have done the worst in the voting.

In each season, there are 14 days (each lasting approximately 48 hours). Each user will battle everyone else in their division TWICE per season.

At the end of each season, the Top 3 Users in each Division move up a Division to replace the Bottom 3 Users from that Division. In Division I, you are unable to move up.

At the end of each season, there is the CHXBL Cup and Best of the Rest tournaments. The Cup consists of the top 4 users from each division. The Best of the Rest consists of the bottom 4 users from each division.

At the end of each season, the bottom three Users from Division IV will be replaced with 3 new Users.


-There is to be no vote rallying (asking other users to vote for you). This includes asking in your blog, in posts, in your signature etc.

-You may only vote with ONE account No duplicates.

-Do NOT send me e-mails, pm's etc. asking me to move you up into the next division.

-Don't ever flame other users, or flame the mods. They're here to make this contest better. If I find some users misbehaving, moderators are here to take care of them.

-If you have a rough season, don't worry about it. Having inline popularity isn't that big a deal (unless you're Shane Dawson or someone like that )

Voting Instructions

Copy the matches and delete the user you don't want to vote for. I use Excel to tabulate the results so this makes it easier. Failure to do so will result in your votes not being counted!

* You may only vote once on each match. No alt voting.

* No Vote Rallying.

* Matches last until 9 pm EST, or 24 hours, whichever comes later. In other words, there will always be at least 24 hours for matches. Late votes will not be counted. Votes at 9:00:00 p.m. will be counted.

* All Users from the General Discussions Board, even those not in the CHUUL, are allowed to vote.

* Vote for yourself! Consider it your point for voting.

* HAVE FUN! This is supposed to be fun. Don't take it personally. Is online popularity really that important?


Q: What is the CHXBL?
A: Simply put; a for-fun user competition where 32 users in 4 divisions battle it out in one-on-one match-ups for the crown.

Q: How long do you expect to run the CHXBL?
A: As long as there is a good number of participants, and as long as it follows the TOS, I intend to run it as long as I can.

Q: When can I join?
A: At the end of the 14 days of normal matches, sign-ups will begin for the next season. You may sign-up in the Official Sign-Up topic.

Q: I was removed from the CHXBL. Why?
A: You either didn't follow the rules listed in this topic, or you were banned by the CHU staff. Be sure to read the rules more carefully.

Q: If I was removed from the CHXBL, can I still re-join?
A: If we've made sure you're following all the rules, then yes, you may re-join. However, you may never re-join if you have been banned before.

Q: What is the CHXBL Cup?
A: The CHXBL is the tournament starting after Day 14. It is composed of best-performing 16 users; the top 4 in each division. The last user standing is determined to be champion of that season.

Q: What is the CHXBL Best of the Rest?
A: The best of the rest is like the cup, only it is composed of the 16 who didn't make the cup. Whoever wins this contest is determined the best of the rest.

Q: When will the new season start?
A: Season 1 begins February 9th.

Mods, you can feel free to add anything here (preferably in a new post so that I can edit this one) as you see fit.

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