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Spec Ops Veteran
Lamborgino  posted on Jan 28, 2010 10:50:01 PM - Report post

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I was looking through all the mw2 threads here, but i didnt see a single one, so i decided to make 1! YAY

Veteran, as most people say, is VERY HARD, but when you beat a looot of the ops on vet., u'll realize that its not hard, with a bit of common sense and not tryin to be a martyr or a suicide bomber....

Hidden - Right at the beginning, switch out ur silenced pistol for a MP5KSD, and kill the guy right around the box thing in front of you, slightly to the left. Then, turn around and take a left, and take out the oncoming guard. Keep going, but hid behind the destroyed truck and take out the 2 grouped guards, but make sure to take them out one right after the other, that way the music starts. After that, go up to the little crack between two boxes and immediatly turn right, and sight into the far box out into the field, and u'll see a ghillie sniper approaching. Snipe him, then look sumwhat behind the first destroyed tank nearest you after peeking around the box a bit, and take out the sniper lodged behind the tank, then run forward till you reach the tank with it's little flap open, then look towards the tree with the gap between it, (looks sorta like a two-headed tree.) Near the stump area, a strange looking circle sorta blends in. snipe it, then rush into the next nearest tank, (the one connected to the tank ur hiding behind.) look into the center of the circle of tanks and take out the hiding sniper. then wait till the 2nd to last sniper shoots u, then find him and kill him. after that, run behind the tank waaaaay out into the field, and right behind it is a hiding sniper. take him out with the MP5KSD, to conserve sniper ammo for l8r. Continue with the mission till you get to the street with the 3 guards patrolling and the sniper up in the watchtower. Wait a few seconds to let the 3 guards align, (go for a 2 for 1, or if u can, a 3 for 1). take out the watchtower sniper, then wait yet another few seconds and in the center of the graveyard, 2 guards are talking. Another guard will walk by slooooowly near the 1st guard. go for a double kill then quickly take out the 3rd guy. Run into the monestary and climb up into the watchtower. In the patio of the house a few yards from where u are, 2 guards are talking. go for the closer guy's middle back. Then, wait yet again, because right below u, 2 guards will align, so go for a double kill then dispose of the 3rd quickly, that way, you won't have to deal with 4+ guys at the same time l8r on. Advance till u reach the barnyard, and wait for the lone guard to exit the barn and wait till he is well past the ruined car he passes by, that way, the 2 talking guards in the rundown stables won't notice. If you have a buddy, tell him to take out 1 of the guys and u take the other, but if ur alone, u will be forced to sound the music, because once u shoot 1 guard and the other guard isnt shot right then, the 2nd guard will drop, causing the music. dispose of them, then crouch walk into the bouse, and from there, take out as many snipers as u can, and when u are able to walk outside for 5 seconds without getting shot, just run ur ass to the green smoke for 3 stars.

Lord Vader  posted on Jan 28, 2010 11:09:30 PM - Report post

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Veteran isn't Very Hard...its Insane more so on a console. i can barely survive 2 minutes on the 360. although i think that's mostly because i'm really very bad at console gaming
HaloSpAz  posted on Jan 29, 2010 12:29:17 AM - Report post

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like the man said you can't be a martyr, the secret is to stay back wait for them to come to you, kill them, get as far ahead as possible before the next spawn point and do it all over again. In sense inching your way forward not rushing into things. It took my about 3 days..ish to beat the campaign on Veteran and really haven't tackled any of the spec ops in it yet except the early ones.
HerpDerp2332  posted on Jan 29, 2010 12:31:08 AM - Report post

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I personally found hidden the most fun/easy mission.

The hardest one is found is wet work.

Also veteran the longer you play, the easier it gets, nice guide BTW.

Lamborgino  posted on Jan 29, 2010 8:40:21 PM - Report post

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looks like this mini guide's pretty useful lol

Terminal - Right at the start, switch out ur striker shotgun for the akimbo desert eagles, (for faster sprinting). Once u run out of the cubical thingy the level starts, so start sprinting to the stairs and run across the edge of it, right next to the escalators, then hop the rail. Run n jump over the seats right in fron of u once u turn right after hopping the rail. (basically, throughout this ops, u just run and jump.) run around the little tree in the middle of the room, and dodge all the attacking soldiers and run into the doorway, and run across the whole restraunt/library/whatever, and then hop the rail again. sprint into the library and then exit the other side, and run down the esclators, and probably throw a flashbang down it before u go down if ur unsure. once at the bottom of the esclators, turn a hard left and sprint the last amount of juice u got and finish this ops for 3 more stars.

High Explosive - this one is veeery easy with 2 people, doing the cheat. right when u start, jump over the wall after u turn around ur spawn point, and run all the way to the back. the building is pretty close to the motorcycle, im not sure where tho, but it's to the left, if u down the middle of the map. just leave 1 player in the doorway, letting him get downed by the juggs, and then the downed player will knife the juggs till they die. This ops will take about 15-20 minutes, depending on how good the knifing player is at knifing.

Homeland Security - I suggest doing this on ur own, due to the fact that with 2 players, u get less time between waves, and the foot soldiers are a lot harder and smarter with 2 players. Right when u start, pick up the sentry gun, disregard everything else, and sprint to the Nate's Resteraunt and situate the sentry towards the gas station, and by now the first wave should start up. If ur a run n gunner, go ahead and pick up the other turret on the restraunt roof and just run to Burger Town, occasionally dropping the sntry for quick kills. Situate this sentry also towards the gas station. After this, u can choose whether to just camp in the ruined building between the restraunt and the burger town or nab the 3rd turret from the bank, right from the restraunt, (if u were facing towards the gas station.) This turret is almost pointless, due to the fact that just getting there will probably get u killed, since that area is a blind spot for the sentry guns. Just screw the 3rd turret and camp with a thermal M21 EBR and the default scar-h assault rifle. Just sit tight in the building till u reach the round with helis, then u will be forced to go outside, to either nab the stinger/rpg/at4 or to alert the predator drone and maybe get lucky. (i recommend going for helis and BTRs after all the footsoldiers from that wave is gone. This op will take u roughly 20 minutes, if u follow this correctly. (this is also fool-proof, by the way)

Breach & Clear - for this level, just go with ur default guns, and when u breach just kill every1 in the room as always, then pick off rest of the people, then after that, in the second room, start throwing ALL your grenades and ur only flashbang at the next room, because a lot of roitshield ppl and regular soldiers will spawn from that room. Once u hear the flashbang pop, sprint all the way to the hole, and if u want to make the drop definite, zigzag and jump to the hole.

Armor Piercing - Once this op starts, run up the first small set of stairs and pick up the .50 cal for either gun, doesnt matter, then sprint all the way up the flights of stairs till u reach the scaffolding outside, (the elevated area with the blue tarp behind it). This is where u will spend the rest of this op at, because the 15 juggs will only come from 1 place, and that spot is exactly in front of u, when u sight in towards the fence gate. When u get really hurt, just lie down, facing the ladder, that way, u can kill the climbing juggs, then go back to the normal crouched position right after. This takes 20 minutes to do, due to the long times between each jugg, but l8r into the op, it'll change

Snatch & Grab - this level should be done in 2-player, due to all the times u will be downed. In this one, just take it extremely slow and steady, just wait till the music dies down to basically to a whisper before advancing, and always listen for the big gong before a jugg shows up to ensure ur 3 stars from this one. this one took me and my friend 25 minutes.

Big Brother - This 2-player mission gives u about 2 minutes extra, dunno why, but it gives u a lot of time just to get to the roof of Nate's Restraunt. The guy on the Vulcan turret will do about 96% of the killing, and the guy on the ground should only peek out and check to see if its ok. the only time the guy on the ground will really have to shoot is in the alley leading off the main road at the beginning after u advance down the road. This 1 takes about 15-25 minutes, depends on the person driving the heli. The recommended route for the ground guy is basically all the houses down the left side of the road, stay in between the houses, behind the occasional brick wall, and in garages, and once u reach the long stretch of empty pavement but a crashed heli and 2 civvi cars, just run to the blue car, wait a few seconds for the vulcan guy to kill a bunch of guys, then run to the black SUV, doing the same thing as with the blue car, then to the heli then run n gun to the roof, and make sure the vulcan guy kills the ppl on the roof before u get out of cover behind the heli, that way, the ground guy wont die going up the ladder outside leading to the roof.

Lamborgino  posted on Jan 29, 2010 8:44:41 PM - Report post

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yea i h8 wetwork too, infact i still havent done it yet, also with Overwatch and Wardriving. Me and my Spec Ops buddy tried all 3 about 5 times each, almost getting the Wardriving 1 before i became a tard for about 2 seconds and got myself blown up... and my friend was already downed so we were screwed, all 3 laptops downloaded and sprinting for the stryker, but we went, 1st house -> 2nd house -> 3rd house -> stryker
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