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Working God Mode
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    Send a message to mikemiker
    mikemiker posted on Dec 26, 2009 10:16:06 AM - Report post
    Hey folks,

    I've got great news for all of you who can't beat the game.
    On youtube there's vid with instructions how to enable the god mode.
    I've tried it with v1.0 and it actually works.
    The author mentions some troubles which may appear, but in general it should work for everyone.
    I haven't experienced any troubles yet

    Here's the link:

    have fun

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    Send a message to RHochstenbach
    RHochstenbach posted on May 28, 2010 11:25:13 AM - Report post
    I found a better solution to activate god mode without performance reduction and no crashes.

    - Bundle Extractor (Link)
    - Modding Tools. These are in the Tools folder of your game dir. If not, you can download it (Link)


    1. Launch Bundle Extractor and browse to Gamedir > Bundles and then open the file quick.bundle.
    2. It should show a folder called 'quick.bundle'. Click on Extract Node and extract it somewhere. For the sake of this tutorial, I'll extract it to C:\.
    3. Open the extracted folder and then continue browsing through Data > units > beings. Open the file u_player.xml with notepad (right-click > Edit).
    4. Use Notepad's search feature to search for the word 'god' (wthout the ' '). It should show a line mentioning god_mode. Set the value from false to true. Continue searching (F3) and do the same for all other mentions of god_mode.

    Optional: Edit the u_teammates.xml to provide your team members with god mode too.

    5. Browse to your game directory and open the folder Data. Create a new folder called units. Now move the entire beings folder into that folder. Make sure you move the folder away from the quick.bundle folder so it's inside the game folder, not the quick.bundle folder anymore.

    6. Open Command Prompt and browse to the tools folder (either in the game folder, or the tools you've downloaded). Browse to the folder where bundler.exe is located.

    7. Now enter the following command: bundler -vvb quick-bundle -r C:\quick.bundle -D quick.bundle (I've extracted the quick.bundle folder to C:\. If you have it in a different lcoation, use that location instead).

    8. When it's done, you should see a newly generated quick.bundle file in the same folder as the bundler.exe file.

    9. Move the new quick.bundle to Gamedir > Bundles. Replacing the old one with the new one.

    That's all. You now have god mode (white health icon) without slower game performance

    I first tried to compile all files including the modified XML files, but for some reason it didn't activate God mode. But when the XML files are stored locally, it does work. So now you've basically have the beings-folder wih the modified XML files stored locally, but all other files still inside the .bundle file

    Note: If you load a previously saved game and the health icon is not white (green or red), just press Esc to pause the game and then press it again to return. The health icon should now be white

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    Send a message to BobaFett2040
    BobaFett2040 posted on Jul 13, 2010 10:04:20 AM - Report post
    I tried that, didn't work. I'm not applying any patches to the game at all.
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