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Extension for winter's forge...?
Shavako  posted on Nov 30, 2009 11:20:56 PM - Report post

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Hope this mod finaly updates its major glitch issue but would like to see more of a selection in the materials used in forging armor etc... Such as a tier 8 or a copy of an existing tier that is a rare metal such as starmetal. Color is also an issue i'd like something more diverse from what the creators gave us to use so this mod becomes a enhancement instead of a plain tool made to simplify the toolsets complication especially if modding isnt ones enjoyment.

Im thinking its easy enough to add a script to add color to your items so the designing is apart of a new feature instead of an old one. Little conversions towards DaOs reality wouldnt cause any trouble for its citizens :P.

Also dont know if this is considerable but maybe there should be item visuals all around (armor,weapons, etc...) maybe some eminatting black veil which would be very nice for my footsoldiers (companions) whom I decorated in reavers ceremonial armor with veridium material for a evil/taint appearance along with a more royal ceremonial armor for my character since she happens to be a noble its fitting. She has red steel reaver set along with a dark sword with fire damage which was moded with the forge but definently a DLC weapon.

I could use help organizing a draft for my additions to give the creator(s) of the "Winters Forge" mod. My only experience with modifying files and adding bugless scripts was during the Warcraft 3 Frozen Thrones (title may be wrong) dummified toolset which anyone could use to make detailed modifications which is what people did lol. I might have some programming knowledge with c++ but most is forgotten its been over 6 years without a single glance so im more or less just a observer if we do start a small group to help modify winters forge after requiring permission. I believe the mod could be much much more maybe have small updates happen every so often to add new modeled equipment to forge.

Well my goal is just a darker ceremonial gear to use preferable with a grey/black taint aura emmitting off the set of equipment almost if it were feeding off religious power of the reavers god(s) andraste along with her current kin the dragon. My main char. obtains these items once the dragon blood resting within the Urns sacred body quenches my noble char. of her revenge with its gift of immortality with legions who would throw themselves at death willingly for the power that has awakened within her demands it so.

Well...lastly my character would be more believable if her face were a bit tainted from all the tainted blood drunk throughout the story. Maybe a few skins/texture to the face when a helmet is equipped one that leaves the face naked for those she meets with her vengance to have frightful assumptions about her past dwellings with betrayal. Im thinking the texture Sophia (she once was a grey warden commander (Wardens Keep DLC)).

So now i've shared my dream with you all (lol) I can hope it will become a possibility. Now then anyone interested just throw a reply on this topic i'll even post screenshots of my characters dressed up in hellish gear as a freebie for discussing the idea out.

(((( )))) .......

.....P.S. below I wrote my enthusiasm towards speeding the improvements in DaOs toolset for those who need creative bits n pieces for their future projects so lets get every DaO user from far and wide. Particulally modding forums which hardly encourage productivity (just for feedback n help for starting groups on projects most the time its strictly by the ladder when speaking about loving compeletion of say some 3months-6months of a time consuming project showing up just to mold graphics with animations becoming tedious once such behavior appears thoughts dwindle on finishing the staff project more then their own project.

Sooner or later far from finishing their goals death hits. Finishing the project by either dumping or leaving it unfinished need of fixing. Some great mods died as very playable yet still lack finished goals especially once it dies during beta with some special feature addon b4 dying. Saddly all big mods finish lacking a great deal. With small updates fix small bugs which shouldnt be given effort over most things. All modd crazy games such as fallout3 & oblivion havent surprised me when 3 yrs gone on a promise for total conversions never kep tru to promses give. Miracles r bigmods

Ok ok...Im putting this mildly since im not sure if all this is remotely possible so give me the words to put me into place be it the simple reality of my ignorance by building bricks 500 feet high just to have them sway to whichever direction at least i'll have learned something about restrictions towards modding some code being enforced by copy rights would be 110% reverseable from the games foundation it was built on and around. Im not sure but im certain DaO is extremely mallable giving the user the oppertunity for endless game play. My obstacle is getting a group of friends from an idea such as mine or completely unsimilar yet beneficial towards future modding of DaO by w/e actions taken to perfect our goals/ideas enough to give most a chance to learn from it and from there on creating more advanced mods. Who says it couldnt be a minor project that gives that tiny nudge forward.

Gatotsu  posted on Dec 01, 2009 7:17:03 AM - Report post

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Have you posted your views on winter's forge in the bioware social network? Thats where the creator(s) of it are most likely to read it
Shavako  posted on Dec 01, 2009 1:09:21 PM - Report post

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Realised it a few hours later :\ still nice to get feedback wherever.
Shavako  posted on Dec 01, 2009 1:30:48 PM - Report post

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Oh forgot to say she will add my modules when she finds how to do it with DaO scripting if it currently allows do so isnt known to me so hear anything about it send me a message im hoping to add my work in once I can I wanna use such a sword as described within the topic post with all the SFX for the black/smoke aura.
Gatotsu  posted on Dec 01, 2009 1:40:53 PM - Report post

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Anything that adds is good, may creative people never give up
Shavako  posted on Dec 01, 2009 4:32:25 PM - Report post

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Well thats true still isnt a recipe for success getting people paid to finish big projects seems something that pays to work lol. Most pre-popular projects in the past ask for donations which makes me laugh because all this *THIS* is leisure time especially if you've learned the hows about coding you'll either do it to create an idea of yours or contribute to the big picture just for fun & rewarding it is once you grasp coding its almost a godly feeling when letters & numbers stick game mechanics together into your vision that had many glitches & errors before finally saving without errors picking up new ideas and experience in fixing problems in the code on your own which strikes you as fun even though its considered a delay or road block it still has a learning curve that only teaches if willing to be taught by trial & error on your own determination & skill.

I wish coding came easier to me like molding graphics/texture/animation & sfx did in only months I had started making modules without any help. All that is simple stuff its the coding that makes it all happen over its what takes most time to perfect (3yrs for most great games). I was an A+ student except when it came to formulas or advance math which confused me with its formula that I couldnt see so it looked like bunch of numbers, letters, and lines sortve gibberish. Wish there was a guide for modding from baic to advance with DaO toolset.

When I dabbled it took weeks before anything playable got out mostly had to work around game restricted scripting sometimes finding no way to implement important parts I had visioned so it became too destructive towards my creativity that I gave up. Maybe it wasnt me? Small things more or less not explained in any detail through tutorials giving the idea it was the games mod scripting freedom which wasnt mallable. Any suggestions for tutorials or community forums on modding technique for DaO would be helpfull

endersblade  posted on Dec 01, 2009 9:36:27 PM - Report post

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Dear god...that has to be the most long-winded post I've ever seen on the net. Lol. What's worse, is that it was actually interesting enough for me to read the entire thing >.>

What glitch with Winter Forge? I've only used it minorly, since I already use the toolset to add in my own items, but I've never had any problems with it...

gijas04  posted on Dec 01, 2009 9:56:36 PM - Report post

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How do u get to the Winter Forge? Is this DLC only? If so, how/where do I get it from and the other current DLC releases? I own the EA standard digital version by the way.
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