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The Lich King fight.. *spoilers inside*
DABhand  posted on Nov 08, 2009 1:03:48 PM - Report post

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Here is the lich king fight in detail. Spoilers inside here so dont read if you want to know.. This is for the horde side

Lich King Encounter
Darion, Tirion, Elder Saurfang (his first name is Varok I think) and Sylvanas follows you. We will call them the The Four. The Lich King is already at 70% health when you begin the fight.

Phase 1
The Lich King melees and phase 2 begins after he has lost 10% health. During this time, the "Four" does most of the dps here and the most important thing is to stay alive more then trying to damaging the Lich King.
However they must also kill some undead minions in order for the phase to contiune.
These are the spells he uses:

Raise Dead: When a player dies he uses this and Soul Rip. Raise Dead spawns 1/2 undead(s) (the fight is different if played on 10/25-man mode) that does high damage and that the raid must kill.

Soul Rip: In addition to raising him as an undead minion or two, the soul is also turned into a Spectre. The Spectre cannot be killed and lasts 10/20 Seconds and additional 3/5 Seconds each time it does a successful hit.
The raid must simply run away from it.

Soul Barrage: A channeled spell that the Lich King randomly does. Anyway, its like Mind Flay without the slow effect. The target takes 50/100k damage over 10 Seconds and damage equal to 100/200% of the targets health is dealt to all party members.

Frostmourne Hungers: A 2.5/1.5 second cast which always kills instantly. Raid members must simply run away from it when he starts casting it.

Summon Undead: Summons 2/4 Throne Guardians which the party must kill (otherwise Phase 2 cant come, and the Lich King cannot be defeated).

Frostblast: Randomly does this around, doing high damage and slowing attack and movement speed by 20/40%

Phase 2
The Lich King spawns the Spirit of Terenas which party members most take down to 40/50%. The Spirit will the be cleansed and charge into the Lich King, damaging 10% of his health points.
The Spirit is like a mini-boss itself and The Lich King will also do his Summon Undead spell.

Phase 3
The Lich King spawns the spirit of Gavindrad, Ballador and Sage which the raid must take down to 50/60% (each of them).
He doesnt cast Summon Undead here.
They must die at almost the same time (otherwise they fuse together and becomes one super powerful boss that pwns everybody).

Phase 4
The Lich King becomes angry, slamming Frostmourne into the ground making the Frozen Throne spire break - all raid members fall down.
But then Jaina comes in a casts Slow Fall on everybody.
Jaina helps in the fight and all the heroes buff each other (Tirion gets you a stamia buff, Darion a spirit buff, Jaina a intellect buff, Sylvanas an haste buff and Saurfang a damage buff).
The fight contiunes and the Lich King starts to use:

Dark Avalanche: AoE frost damage which also darkens the ground, reducing movement speed by 25/50% while standing on it. The blackened ground lasts for 15 Seconds. Raid members must avoid the Blizzard and the bláckened zone its lefts otherwise the Spectres and the Lich King will kill them.

He now spawns to Spectres instead of one and several undead adds comes in which you must fight. When the adds are dead he spawns the Spirit of Antondias which you must take down to 40%.

Phase 5
The Lich King enrages, increasing damage by 25/50%. In addition he gains the "Ghostly Rush" ability, instantly charging into a player and slowing them for 10/20%.
He will use "Frostmourne Hungers" (after 8/4 Seconds) during this so the tanks must quickly take threat from him.

He uses Frostblast more often now and Spawns the Spirit of Uther. Players must take down the Spirit to 20/30%
Then he will, like the others, charge inside Arthas and decrease his health by 10%.

Phase 6
He now does two avalanches at once and summons three Spectres per corpse, and six undead per corpse. In addition, more adds will come and Frost Wyrms too. The Frost Wyrms breath down huge blocks of ice, which the raid members must avoid. If hit, you take much damage and gets stunned for 5/10 Seconds - making you an easy target for the Spectes.

He then spawns the last spirit, the good Spirit of Garrosh. The spirit must be taken down to 10/20% before taking down The Lich King to 10%.

Phase 7
The last phase, the room is filled with Undead minions and there are more Frost Wyrms now. The Lich King now casts "Soul Nova" - dealing 1000k unresistable damage to everybody.
However the "Ice Blocks" the Frost Wyrms drop is the key to victory here. The party must quickly run behind one when he casts Soul Nova.
The ice block will protect against damage.
The Lich King does Soul Nova every 10/5 sec.

At 1% health, the Soul Nova will turn against the Lich King himself - Stunning him for 10 Seconds.
During this, Tirion grabs Frostmourne from him and steals Ner'zhuls soul - killing the Lich King.
Darion immeditly kills off Tirion before Ner'zhul corrupts him.

The fight ends, and Ner'zhuls soul is locked inside Frostmourne.

Sylvanas is suprised however. She thought that if the Lich King was defeated, she would be able to rest in peace.
Darion then explains that the Lich King still exists within Frostmourne so Sylvanas still lives.
Sylvanas becomes mad and asks Darion to destroy the sword with the Ashbringer.
However Darion tells her that if he does that, then Ner'zhuls soul will be released and possess a new host.
Sylvanas is very angry and runs away.

There is a very long discussion which tells you what they will do with Frostmourne etc... however through the fight, the Ashbringer became weakened and Darion offers the players to have it if they complete a really long quest chain.

As for Frostmourne - they buried in the bottom of the ocean so that none would pick it up again.

[Edited by DABhand, 11/8/2009 1:10:09 PM]

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