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Spoilers.. you have been warned
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    setiweb posted on Nov 11, 2009 2:27:58 PM - Report post
    originally posted by kumu

    lol so true. The Story makes you go insane and . But im so lazy to go back to my saves and play and choose something differently. Maybe one day I'll start over and never be interested of the witch Morrigan but GaGa over Eiliana insted.

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    I've read there's a bug that allows both characters to be in love with you at the same time. It'll be interesting to see what the game does at the ending with that.

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    cuccipoons911 posted on Nov 13, 2009 2:05:39 PM - Report post
    You only kill one.

    (I forgot to click the include quote button, sorry)

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    Shotgunmaniac posted on Nov 13, 2009 5:16:42 PM - Report post
    originally posted by Sharp843

    originally posted by DaveLL

    Well i just finished the main storyline after 32 hours (game time) And frankly i am impressed by this game. At moments it actually had me a bit teary eyed. LMAO

    That said the ending of the game just screams out Squeal.. Especially when you never find out what happens to your and (insert whats her name)unborn kid.

    Frankly i want to know what that witch woman is doing with my Son with the soul of a GOD lol.. This is one of the better RPG/Hack and slash games i have played in a long time.

    Lets just hope they don't take years to come out with the expansion..

    Well you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I find this to have NwN 2 syndrome, which is bollocks my friend.

    It's like reading a book, and then at the end of the book, the main character is just unceremoniously disposed of, death or otherwise. Except, in a book you're not allowed to ...roleplay. I though the whole idea of playing this game- well from what they claimed and all that in their interviews (Bethesda syndrome- See Oblivion RADIANT AI) - the whole idea was to be able to alter more than a few cut scenes at the end. And what is this bollocks with the story just ending anyhow? What if I wanted to finish my side quests... without the story conflicting with my interests to hang about?

    Maybe I just like playing games with actual story to them or what not- but if I wanted to just run at things with a sword and kill things rapidly, I wouldn't have bothered to play a game with so much story.

    Another bit that bothers me is the characters inability to logically reason, and the cookie cutter choices. For example that one fellow who was whinging about the guard in Red Cliff not helping find his daughter, but refused to help the militia. You can walk up to him, and make a promise that you'll retrieve his damsel in distress (Or rather his daughter) or you can say screw you to the fellow- ignore him or steal from him and kill him. Now, if he wants the militia to help him get his daughter, wouldn't the militia need the armour and weapons to do that? If they don't wouldn't an assault on the castle just be futile? Why hasn't the tard of a captain brought this up? And why can't I bring it up?

    At the end with the Morrigan- Why can't I tell her that I'm not going to have her bloody child if she's just gonna run off with it? It's "NO, I SAID NO" or it's "Yeah sure, go ahead!"

    And why did the end cutscene claim she was carrying a child? That's bollocks and the writers know it. Other than that, oh yeah, should be known that I saw that fellow cut up and open the Arch Demon, then fall to the ground with the Demon itself. Why hasn't that killed the demon? Why do I need to walk up to it and do it again?

    The below is a spoiler if you haven't played Fallout 3 and want to.

    This is much akin to the inability to send Fawks into that chamber (before the expansion that is) and you paying for it with your life. The fellow is bloody radiation proof- wouldn't he have the best shot of surviving if not a complete ability to survive?

    Why must we suffer playing through these long games only to have the game end in a way that defies the ability for humans to reason?

    If there was truly some sort of proper explanation for all of this, and a counterpoint to all I have brought up (None of us who have played it *friends* have said anything different) that would at least justify this.

    Reckon we're all a lot better off skipping any game with RPG elements from now on. (From my point of view anyways)

    You need to lighten up a little, man.
    Logical reasoning just isn't possible in videogames. Going by the theory that gamers are bipolar and want choices, a logical storyline would force you to choose to be good or bad at the very beginning of the game and never let you go rogue or make any "bad" decisions. The heart of roleplaying is that you have four basic lines of logic that can be alternated: good, neutral, bad, or stupid.
    Example: You save a kid. (good) The kid's mom seems ungrateful, and you try to get a reward. (neutral) She says no, and you choke her to death. (bad) A guard attempts to arrest you, and you exclaim "but I didn't know it was illegal!"(stupid)
    You can't have a totally solid story if you want to let players have at least some freedom.

    I loved Dragon Age, myself. The story, complete with the novel, was excellent.

    As for Fallout, the ending before Broken Steel was meant to bring things full circle. You are either corrupted by the wastes, or you make the same sacrifice your father made, to connect the beginning to the end and vice versa.

    And back to the main point: human beings generally cannot reason. Case in point: we're actually thinking about videogames.

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