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CoffeeCrazy  posted on Nov 07, 2009 9:56:49 PM - Report post

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Wow, you seem to have taken that pretty seriously. Don't know where the whole "your friend thinks he's the only one who knows and it's some super special secret, others can rape your friend in terms of modding knowledge" thing came from. It's more under the "he just doesn't care to give it out". He's not like me and cares to share forum experiences and builds. I'm the one who's excited for what he did and posted it because it's fun to see what he does and wanted to share my experience.

Way to explode about it. Internet is serious business.

[Edited by CoffeeCrazy, 11/7/2009 10:15:55 PM]

XWolf  posted on Nov 08, 2009 2:08:21 AM - Report post

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Except that without the specifics of the information in question we have no need for the banter because some of us already came across that fact working away at generations of different items.
So, without your friends information, caring to share is unavailing.

Also, I think it's time we get back to actual useful information instead of attacking each other...again. For those of you still working on this stuff; you might wanna take a look into that other thread regarding other items.

Deadclown  posted on Nov 08, 2009 6:09:42 AM - Report post

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How'd you get 9x??? Please tell....
knightpress  posted on Nov 08, 2009 6:36:06 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Deadclown

How'd you get 9x??? Please tell....

WOOPS! update... I forgot, this -specific- gun will yield a 6x machine gun which wound up slightly better overall than the 9x, I mistakenly posted it from my notes... I'm digging through them right now to find my 9x which I've apparently mis-labeled...

If I recall, it was a shotgun barrel, which logically, yielded the numerous additional pellets... But I'm not entirely certain, as always I'll monkey with it until I rediscover it, sorry for the mistake.

You gotta break the rules ^_^

Posted in left-to-right order using Gibbed's editor Revision 10

----Quality Goes Here Based Upon Your Level----

Things like the "Action" slot, you can just type "None", the clip size is 0 because it's currently equipped.

Copy/paste the lines in that order, and I'm sure you'll notice that even though it's a support machine gun, pretty much nothing I've put on it is actually FOR a support machine gun if the item was actually created legit by the random item generator, it's got rocket launcher parts, pistol parts, SMG parts, and so forth because their bonuses are the real goal.

Final product holds a pretty good amount of ammo, does devastating damage even to fire attuned baddies, and is scoped well enough to let you "reach out and touch someone..." with the brutal fiery hand of death. The best way to see the impacts of the ammo is to actually fire from a distance (not a very long way off) and fire a single "click", keeping in mind it does fire pretty fast, and you'll see the rounds impact in sort of a "shot-gun" pattern at a very long range. Don't panic, it is still packing plenty good accuracy (I've got no complaints) and will rip things apart.


Playing a new Mordecai game, at level 20-22ish I was fighting the bruiser boss and with that machine gun, I didn't even bother to move around, I simply stood at the entrance to the fight, unloaded a magazine or two, and he dropped like a sack of potatoes (quality level 1 is lv19 requirement I believe) without even getting close to me. His minions got caught in the cross fire to boot.

[Edited by knightpress, 11/8/2009 7:25:34 AM]

knightpress  posted on Nov 08, 2009 11:43:03 AM - Report post

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In generally amusing, but questionably practical concepts...

One SMG using the shotgun barrel with the 10,000x Rate of Fire bonus is:

gd_weap_patrol_smg.A_Weapon.WeaponType_patrol_smg gd_itemgrades.Weapons.ItemGrade_Weapon_PatrolSMG
---Item Quality Based On Your Level---
gd_weap_patrol_smg.Prefix.Prefix_Quality3_Malevolent gd_weap_support_machinegun.Title.TitleM_Torgue_Bastard
gd_weap_patrol_smg.UniqueParts.BoneShredder_mag5 gd_weap_combat_shotgun.UniqueParts.SledgesShotgun_barrel2 gd_weap_repeater_pistol.Sight.sight5_Hyperion_Invader

It can, AND WILL, empty the entire magazine with a tap of the fire button... That's not an exaggeration even in the slightest... It hemorrhages bullets, so for practicality sake it's not an "every day shooter", but for a single tough target it's insanely powerful (very little can withstand a burst since it's a large magazine on top of that).

Don't use it much, unless you also use the trainer, because you're going to hammer that Num3 key a lot to keep this thing fed even if you have ammo regeneration.

CoffeeCrazy  posted on Nov 08, 2009 2:59:35 PM - Report post

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Unable to get the super SMG you posted to work. Tried multiple times, when going ingame it simply isn't there. When re-loading the save file in Gibbed's editor it dissapears.

Perhaps I have done something wrong but just noting it.

Ensaine  posted on Nov 08, 2009 3:04:20 PM - Report post

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The formatting ended up having two seperate lines of stuff on one line here on the boards. Be sure to split that up and make sure you don't have any extra spaces.

I got it to work. Thank you much!

CoffeeCrazy  posted on Nov 08, 2009 3:17:12 PM - Report post

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Was the extra spaces. That is a pretty insane gun there, seriously.
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