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Favourite Card(s)
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    Xientie posted on Nov 01, 2009 10:45:00 AM - Report post
    List you favourite cards and why you like them.


    Top Favourite Card:

    Favourite Building:

    Favourite Spell:

    Favourite Squad:


    Top Favourite Card: Mo

    He's as strong as any tier 4 monster and scares the crap out of my opponents and as Mo whould say, he's pure Ownage!

    Favourite Building: Breeding Grounds

    Used before summoning Mo and usaully when the the 3rd orb is still building, Breeding Grounds ears it's power back as soon as I summon Mo and all unit summoned after it are just free power points.

    Favourite Spell: Curse of Oink

    It's useful in PVE and annoys the hell out of opponents in PVP. It's cheap to cast but sadly needs two orbs, but it's still my favourite spell card.

    Favourite Squad: Amazon

    She's Swift, cost effrctive, powerful and can take a beating; Just the card I want to rush my opponent with. The voice dialog is hilarious as well.

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