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Damios  posted on Sep 24, 2009 7:46:07 PM - Report post

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Sometimes i gett a message regarding the game and the readme was not specific enough. so now a more ellaborated message. for those still playing this game.

the directory or dir is where you install your game to, the ? in the readme file, that came along with the cheatpack is because everyone could install it to somewhere else. For me it would be c:\programfiles\sunflower\paraworld\Data\Base\Scripts\Server\settings. then once your in the settings folder you should see severall other files, that belong to the game itself. here you will copy the files from the cheat pack to the settings folder. its not that difficult.

Second part is editing, one could edit in different ways. a game is based of binary codes. Cal and Pwizard alter the binary codes or hex codes to make trainers. one way to do this is using a program like artmoney to alter hex numbers within the game. like for instance recources. this is also not that difficult once you know how to use the program. now another way is textediting. not all games have it. but sometimes there are textfiles. that when you change the values within the file it changes something within the game. now the files in the cheatpack are textfiles. you can open it with a text program called wordpad. its standerd on every computer. you can read it like its a book so to speak. normal words, instead of weird codes.

Now ok text editing is simpel. first things first. if it isn't allready, normally it is, you need to assosiate the file with wordpad. so right button mouse click on for instance the resources txt file within the parawrldcheat pack. then you will get a drop down menu. within that menu select property's. it should be the very last option in the drop down menu. now when in property's you will see filetype, wich is .txt, then beneath it you will see open with: here select change or whatever is next to it. and then select the program to open it with, and that is wordpad. make sure that the box below is checked or selected, meaning it will always open that file type with wordpad. then press ok. once that is done you don't have to do it anymore with other files and your back in property's. now with this game to be able to alter anything. with every text file you will have to make sure that when you are going to change something in the file the box that says only-read is un-checked. and then when you are done editing you will check the box again. so that is says only-read again. as for the rest don't bother with it, meaning leave the rest the way it is.

textediting it self is basicly reading what it says and changing the values. so for instance. within the resource txt file you will see this:

Root {
Ashvalley_Tree_01_Timber {
value = '1000'
now the only thing that is important is the bit with the value. if you change the value to 2000, it would mean, that the Ashvalley tree will have a value of 2000 wood instead of 1000. so everytime one of your workers cuts down a tree that would be the max value you would get out of cutting one tree of the type ashvalley. and so forth. unfortunatly in my game the changes for the resources where not always changed concerning wood and stone. So it is a test and error thing. however the other files should work like a charm. but you can have a look at it none the less.

Same goes for every other txt file within the settingsfolder of this game. there you can change whatever value you want if you find it, including the health and strenght of your hero's. don't know what the file was called again, but have a look. just double click/ open each file and scroll through it, untill you find something you recognise like a name or a part of the name or whatever and then change the value of it and save the file. as for the other files from the cheat pack they have been altered allready. what i changed is stated in the readme that comes allong with it. and they do work.

that's the best i can do, so good luck futher with the game. and i suggest changing the values of your main three hero's. that should win you the game. If you can't find it just continue looking thrue the text files, within each folder. you will find it eventually.

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