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time stop ?
SpiffinChicken  posted on Sep 29, 2009 2:01:48 AM - Report post

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To beat timetrials, just search youtube to check for shortcuts & beat the pro time. For example, for the first trial, search for "red faction guerilla transporter pro". Hope that helps.
matty22  posted on Oct 02, 2009 5:29:54 AM - Report post

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Thanks mate. I appreciate it. Just finished the game today. Fantastc game. Now time to do the bonus missions. Sounds very interesting
SpiffinChicken  posted on Oct 02, 2009 4:16:30 PM - Report post

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The trainer that adds time on (it adds on another 10mins) is called Red Faction Guerrilla V1.001 +8 Trainer By KelSat. I needed a trainer for the time as earlier on I destroyed a main bridge in Mohole. Duh!

But the option to stop the timer doesn't work, it immediately fails the mission & I don't hear that anyone else got it working. Once you do complete the time trial using the add time option, it comes up with a ridiculous long time that won't beat the pro time. Overall, thats why I trust CH trainers as they are bug tested more thoroughly and actually work.

If CH does get time to add this freeze time option as most games are being delayed until next year because of MW2, then I'll send you an early Xmas present by means of a small donation

dust942  posted on Oct 03, 2009 5:22:25 AM - Report post

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When you are running through the wastes of Mars and you just missed the deadline for a split of a second yes u get FRUSTRATED !!!
But u dont need a trainer to cheat the clock! Follow these:
WARNING XP TESTED i dont have the slightest idea if it will work in Vista or Seven.

1. Before you get in the vehicle that you have to transport save!
2. tab to windows without pausing the game! (DONT PRESS P OR ESC)
3. Go to your own clock (system) and go back 1 year.
4.Tab in and load the save.
5. in game take the car and DONT MOVE AN INCH!
6. wait for half time to get passed. eg if the game gives you 2and30 minutes to get to safe house start at 1,15 minutes.
7. when you have made it to zero it will stuck there until you get to safe house
Beat the time trials.

I LOVE windows live! IT HAS so manny bugs in security:P

Known problems. If ur vehicle get to much damage well u lose. no matter the time left and if you lose load the save because u stucked!
REMEMBER to tab out after mission finish and return the system clock to normal time. otherwise you will wander with clock in every guirella mission and believe me 2 minutes arent enough even in godmode to level a base. (i tried even with hand of god but no luck)

Another problem is that sometimes after a mission complete i cant save,. Not alwayys. i dont know why... if anyone knows plz inform us

Cheers and have Fun

[Edited by dust942, 10/3/2009 5:23:38 AM]

SpiffinChicken  posted on Oct 03, 2009 10:48:39 AM - Report post

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Once I complete the game first time I will try this in Vista as its an interesting workaround. If others try this then make a duplicate save so you can go back. Maybe someone more experienced here can help you out with overcoming the bugs to beat the trials. But if you use Invincible Vehicle option, you wouldn't get any damage or get stuck.

I was thinking of just using ArtMoney to change the time but its been a while since I was last able to figure out for myself on how to change values on various games I used it with.

I can do all the pro times without cheating but its only because I destroyed a bridge earlier that I can't do it on pro time no matter how hard I drive - unless there is a vehicle modifier out there to speed it up. As of yet, there are zero mods on a quick search so they must be waiting for the first patch coming soon-ish.

dust942  posted on Oct 03, 2009 2:09:57 PM - Report post

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Well i dont think we need a nitro boost other cars run faster than other. For example taxis (are much slower) ambulances are faster than the Jeep type. but when you start the trial you DONT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE INGAME GPS!!!!

once you start hit the tab to bring out the map. zoom out so you can see in which safehouse you have to travel. Then with your mouse click on the the map making waypoints before the safe house. do this as manny as often you need (sometime later you will remember the roads like the roads near your house:P )

You can alter the route to your liking . Use the shortcuts u make with the map!!! plus if you see the car dont jump in it at once! check the map. see the area. if needed destroy some edf and then start the trials

Hope it help. Btw after casual mode even in normal or iunsane pro times come easy!

[Edited by dust942, 10/3/2009 2:11:06 PM]

SpiffinChicken  posted on Oct 05, 2009 12:58:25 AM - Report post

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Hi dust942, thanks for the feedback

I don't follow the ingame GPS otherwise I wouldn't be able to get all pro time trials so far - something I learnt from watching youtube videos.

I managed to find an alternative route to complete the pro time I was having real issues with. I beat it by 10 seconds by using the Matrix slowmo mode to drive flat out at high speeds. Another use for it for others I could've done that without it but I was getting sick of keep trying it got really bored!

I hope the patch (when it eventually comes out) lets you put your own waypoints on so I don't have to keep viewing the map on trials. But through playing this game ALOT, I'm finding lots of great shortcuts. But then the game is a sandbox which is great.

Just wondering dust942: how does pro times come easy on different modes? I even changed it from Hard to Normal then Casual but trial times were still the same. The vehicles don't seem to go any faster or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

dust942  posted on Oct 05, 2009 7:32:21 PM - Report post

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I had a very hard time myself at the beginning. One night a friend told me to drive like i do in real life and i told him ....get real. It was in dust and couldnt get the damned ambulance. The one that you get after you stop the first convoy. it is a stupid random encounter but i had a save and i was getting ****ed off because of it.

The real advice from my friend was to use handbrake. Most of the vehicles (and thanx god that they didnt include in the trials the cleaning trucks or the heavy industry either. I think they arent so sadistic bastards... we will see in the sequel)ok i am geting to the point :P

When you have to cross an area that has a closed corner (excuse my English ) just before you press the arrow to turn leave the accelaration button and hit the handbrake turning oposite to the left. Try to hit the rocks! Now is the tricky part... keep driving spiderman like. yeap on the mountain walls. 1st Get speed. 2nd do it. 3rd as u are on the walls keep backsteering oposite in the corners.the jump will get u on track on other walls.

Ok the above cannot apply inside cities but in trials in eos and some of the areas in oasis is just getting that nitro.

INSIDE CITIES.. i just drive like nfs and remeber that the rules of pooltable (physics) apply in this game. HIT THE M)) F!!!!BeeeP!!! (u get my point) in a clean hit.The other cars go around, and after a while its like being in an rpg. The npc just keep avoiding you.(which it reminds me that if you get at the start of the trial edf pursuit, u get the other civilians to get the hell out of ur way.)Remember that cleaning the edf first and then take the trials will make u be in good morale and good faith with civilians.Then they help u more!.

So hit them hard!
I think this apply and in hitting pedestrians.Carmaggedon Style!!!keep the blood flowing the streets of Mars...hehehe(i cant remember if i have tried it right now,but be nasty and kill some dudes:P)

Well i cant think any other tip. Maybe a steering wheel will get the job done more easily... but it will be a ***** to setup it and unplug it so u can continue to spread MAYHEM in the red wastes of MaRs...

And i think i have to go to sleep! if u have probs with being a martian spiderman pm to send you a flv to see it performed by a pro. (not me)

[Edited by dust942, 10/5/2009 7:43:40 PM]

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