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See what it's like!
kane1  posted on Aug 15, 2009 4:30:34 PM - Report post

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This is for anybody who wants to try a saved game that's been changed. I know there are a lot of gamers who read my posts but, for whatever reasons don't try my tips. This is for game version 1.11.3, what you have to do is go into your game and make a new profile then close your game. If for example you named it "player" the path would look like this,

C:\Users\jim\Documents\my games\men of war\profiles\player\save

Now open that saved game folder and move, or copy and paste the saved game that you find in the folder you'll be downloading "last stand 1.11.3", just close and save the folder. Now start the game and log into the new Profile, you should be able to load the new saved game. if it doesn't work just delete the new Profile, if it dose work enjoy! Here's the link,


Here is a video so you can see what your up against.


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JacobD88  posted on Aug 20, 2009 3:59:12 AM - Report post

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Fantastic, I've wanted to try one of your games for a while

On a different note, I've been thinking quite a lot recently about the possibilities of a save-game editor, and what functions it would require and how they can be implemented.

Fortunately, as demonstrated by your work, editing save-games is relatively simple manually, but how realistic is an editor that searched through all entity data allowing you to modify specific attributes of vehicles, infantry, inventory, reinforcement and hit points?

Looking at the save-game structure it is relatively simple, and thankfully standardised, with little difference between FoW and MoW, which also makes me wander over the possibilities of a multi-game editor. In its simplest incarnation i envisage an editor that simply scans all the entities, categorises them for you to select easily, then provides an appropriate table of stats for you to modify, with brief explanations of min/man values and what effect they would have.

There are however issues i have already discovered, particularly with FoW (I'm not sure about MoW yet), such as some vehicles not having there inventories appear in a save-game file until they have fired a shot despite the vehicle being listed in the save as an entity, this i first noticed in a FoW save-game for the final 3-part German mission when trying to give my nebelwerfer wagon extra ammo (It only comes with one salvo that is already loaded into the launcher), before it was fired, i could find the vehicle, and its condition, after the vehicle fired, it was left with no ammo, so no inventory listed either, so, if i have got my facts correct, a functionality would have to be built into any editor to correctly insert information lacking from any save-game based upon what entities can be found listed elsewhere in the save

What are your thoughts?



PS: The FoW game mentioned above is here:


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kane1  posted on Aug 20, 2009 1:00:12 PM - Report post

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Wow, my thoughts are definitely not as well put as yours! A saved game editor the way you've described it would be awesome! Sign me up! Like you said changing things in a saved game is simple, and just simple enough for me to handle.

I remember the first time I tried to add more ammo to the nebelwerfer wagon, I looked over and over for the inventory and couldn't find it. I eventually discovered that you can add in yourself. It sounds like your getting pretty good at changing things in a saved game. I'd like to see some of your games. If you could, post and let me know how it went. I've got one of the bonus missions "Battle of Vernon" where I changed all the British and American tanks into "T29"s.

That FoW mission your talking about is one of my favorite ones. I've played that over and over again. I changed some of the computer guys (player 3) into mine and deleted all the rest so I could fight all by myself.

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JacobD88  posted on Aug 21, 2009 2:34:32 AM - Report post

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That FoW mission your talking about is one of my favorite ones. I've played that over and over again.

He He, yep it's my favourite mission from FoW

Glad you are interested in the idea of an editor. I would be grateful for any help as i am a coding noob and I'm really looking as this project to be one of my first attempts to learn how to code for myself. I'm planning everything out in terms of the functionality and interface at the moment, then i will look at how to write the program to the specific requirements of the editor.

The functionalities that i see as "must-haves" atm are as follows (in no particular order):

1) Sorting of Savegame Entities into easily selectable groups from which a single entity can be edited:


2) Select Entity Status:

E.G. Destroyed/Dead/Alive/Active

3) Select Owning Player:

Player 0-9

4) Ajustable Vehicle Armour Status and Condition (I think this is all of the components):

Turret Gun(s)

5) Ajustable HP for other Entities

6) Inventory Items:

Add/Remove/Ammend items in inventory from a pull down tab or menu
Change amounts 0-32000

7) Alter Vehicle Crew:

Selectable through drop-down tab or table

8) Alter Vehicle Weapons & Ammo:

Selectable through drop-down tab or table

9) Alter other entity weapons & ammo:

Selectable through drop-down tab or table

10) Alter Reinforcement Points

11) Alter availability of reinforcements:

Include ability to select reinforcements from other nations

12) Activate/Deactivate reinforcement functionality

13) Must include a raw-text editor functionality to edit save-games manually to add/remove/change specialist functionalities not included in the editor

14) (Not entirely save-game related)Profile Management:

Alter Profile Name
Alter Completed Missions
Alter/Delete/Select Savegames all from a menu in-editor

There are many more functionalities that could be added, but these are what i see as the key ones, the inclusion of feature 13 would also mean that people with the knowledge to do it without the ease of an editor can do so before a function is added

One thing i really need are lists of the following:

Complete List of Ammos, with both the savegame "call" name and the "in-game" title

Complete List of Vehicles, with both the savegame "call" name and the "in-game" title

Complete List of Troops/Infantry types, with both the savegame "call" name and the "in-game" title

Complete List of Objects, with both the savegame "call" name and the "in-game" title

Complete List of Other Entities, with both the savegame "call" name and the "in-game" title

Would you know where or how i can obtain these, the MoW and FoW editors don't seem to include all the details i require?

As to my own savegames, i tend to alter small details at the moment, for example i made the Calliope in the FoW game posted above have 600 ammo and belong to me, i've yet to delve into full customisation, although given the time i'm happy to do so, which is why i was keen to see one of your games in the flesh as it were I'll post you anything of interest i create

Thanks for the info on the Nebelwerfer Wagon, i will try adding an inventory for it, i think it's entity 0x8261 in that savegame above so i will add the inventory box, what does the ammo it uses read as? I'm guessing its "105rocket" or "bullet105"? This is the reason, as stated above i really need a list of all the items, especially for creating an editor as i often get confused as to what name i use

Anyhoo, what do you think?



EDIT: Here's a link to the interface plan i have atm, except for the profile editor it permits all above functions in one simple(ish) interface (PNG Format)...


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kane1  posted on Aug 21, 2009 3:32:09 PM - Report post

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sounds like you know exactly what your doing. I'm sorry to say that most of that stuff goes right over my head. I won't be able to be much help. The interface plan looks great. It looks like you've got everything covered. I don't know if you belong to other sites, but there are some great modding sites. This is one that I go to;

Here is the inventory for the Nebelwerfer Wagon ("sdkfz4", I don't know if it matters but I just add it between the inventory of the Entity and/or Human where you find it in the file.

{item "nebel" "ammo" 20 {cell 0 0}}
{item "nebel" "ammo" 100 {cell 0 1}}
{item "nebel" "ammo" 100 {cell 0 2}}
{item "nebel" "ammo" {cell 0 4}}
{item "nebel" "ammo" {cell 0 5}}
{item "nebel" "ammo" {cell 0 6}}
{item "nebel" "ammo" 91 {cell 0 3}}

I don't know where that WinkSmile came from, I can't get rid of it.

[Edited by kane1, 8/21/2009 3:34:18 PM]

[Edited by kane1, 8/21/2009 3:35:14 PM]

JacobD88  posted on Aug 23, 2009 8:55:40 AM - Report post

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Ah, many thanks, didn't expect it to be "nebel" although i suppose it's obvious really

OK will head over to the DigitalMind forums, i'm familiar with them and already registered; just forget to go there except for when i have had issues or wanted to see a patch status

The wink-smiley is just because you must have put a ";" OR simply a " and " )" next to each other, it's frustrating on many forums, they really need a "code" function here to allow you to show a string of raw text, as typed by the user, that won't automatically insert smileys. Similar to the bold/underline/italics/etc. tags, but implemented as the tt-forums for Transport Tycoon... They have it done correctly

Anyhoo, give us a shout if you think of a function that would be useful for an editor or have any advice for me



kane1  posted on Sep 12, 2009 11:11:44 AM - Report post

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OK, I guess I didn't test this very well. I fixed the mgs on the T29's, now they have ammo. SORRY!
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