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Do you agree with the greed on this site
PWizard  posted on Jul 31, 2009 4:44:40 AM - Report post

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We create 40-50 trainers per month, charge $24.95 a year, so that would make each trainer about .05c each. You can't even buy a piece of gum for .05c any more, so I'd say that our prices are beyond fair.
forty-two  posted on Jul 31, 2009 7:26:31 AM - Report post

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It'd be $.50, as in 50 cents. >_>

Anyways, Aiden, I'm not going to bash you or flip out or anything. Just going to let you know, we've had 770,000+ members join our site. Granted, they aren't all UNL. members or authors, but a hefty amount of them are. Coming onto a site with hundreds of thousands of members ARE okay with the "greed" on this site (50 cents a trainer) isn't really going to do anything. All it really did was get both the founders pissed off at you, along with a lot of the regular veterans. Next time, you should probably just keep your grumblings to yourself.
BTW, the chicken patty is no where near as wonderful as the chicken strips.

forx  posted on Jul 31, 2009 8:27:48 AM - Report post

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i was going to get full membership but after todays fiasco ill not bother,i only wanted one trainer not hundreds ffs.
i used the "download the manager and get free trainer" option as it is all i wanted,shame it doesnt mention that to use it u have to be online all the time with NO security running,yeh rite :0
offline key??,nope not unless you upgrade another £17 into our bank account..
total con that bit is for sure.
using paypal to get my money back now,seems they are aware of this nice little scam.
used to be a cool site this and i dint mind paying but i do expect to get something that works, back.
HonestGamer  posted on Jul 31, 2009 8:38:50 AM - Report post

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@ Topic: First listen that CH does not rip you off your precious little cash. They are really working their off thier limits to provide the user's with trainers and other stuff. If you want to keep on spamming and flaming on CH being "Greedy", I would have to ask why did you join?

CH as told is a business, so if you are finding its payment scheme inappropriate, write a FAQ - CH has enough courtesy to provide you lifetime for FREE.

@Nevermore: No wonder you are tempted, If I were you, I would have been tempted too.

@forx: Well, its not a scam, you should be careful about how should you pay. Next time, please think before you post and be a little more polite.

If you have bought the Trainer Manager and got a trainer - You can put a decent request (For an offline key) or something before flaming here.

[Edited by HonestGamer, 7/31/2009 8:42:45 AM]

[Edited by HonestGamer, 7/31/2009 8:43:44 AM]

PWizard  posted on Jul 31, 2009 8:46:45 AM - Report post

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@forx - I'm happy to send an offline key to those that purchase the CHTM, all you have to do is email me. We don't offer it freely for everyone as it would defeat the purpose of protecting our trainers, now wouldn't it?
AdmiralP  posted on Jul 31, 2009 11:31:30 AM - Report post

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Let me give the caveat that I am not going to bother with reading all replies on this board. That said, I guess I would simply suggest that your argument is baseless. First off, you state that these are easy to make, but then go on to state that the only trainer you can find for SCS is on this particular website. If they are so simple for you, and you seek to avoid the "greed," then the obvious solution is for you to produce one yourself. In fact, since there is clearly no problem for someone with your calibre of computing skills to create your own, I am left to wonder what possible need you would have in even looking for a site the likes of CH.
Put plainly, your argument is baseless. If you are going to make allegations of the site's greed please be prepared to provide evidence other than they are charging more than you wish to pay. Greed is not a matter of charging any particular amount, but rather a wanton disregard of others in the quest for personal gain. In fact, one might argue that you are the one being greedy. My evidence would be that you would attempt to drive away other customers simply based on the fact that you are unwilling to part with your money for CH's goods. That is blatently failing to acknowledge those of us that desire new customers to keep subscribing. These new members bolster the site we enjoy. They enable its continued ability to thrive and provide the cheats and trainers we appreciate.
Quit your griping; pony up the $34.95 (or whatever it is to date) and get a lifetime membership; or go away and use your vast knowledge of computing skills to create your own website that produces trainers for pennies on the dollar.
Ya Greedy !
Vonfuzzball  posted on Jul 31, 2009 11:46:41 AM - Report post

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I really don't understand why you even bothered. Considering all the legwork that goes into the making of these trainers; hack, rehack, fix, update, etc. For literally hundreds of games, most of which have trainers ready on day 1 or 2 after release, i would say this was a very fair price indeed.

And just for good measure. Link

lucebuce  posted on Jul 31, 2009 11:54:03 AM - Report post

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It's pretty simple. The internet has, unfortunately , given people a free way to express themselves . And sadly , some of the people are just too lazy to learn that if u dont like something fine . but u dont have to ruin it for people who do.

Personally , i may not be an unlimited member , but i can say that the service of this site is impeccable

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