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What vampire clan you like?
AdmiralAckbar  posted on Jul 19, 2009 5:54:03 PM - Report post

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Ok so it's been a while since this game came out, most of you probably haven't even heard of it. So I'll lay out the basics and you do the rest if you want to.
In the Bloodlines there are some 12 clans or 13 clans all in all. Each of them has a specified characteristic making them either weaker or stronger. Of course out of all those clans, you'll have to chose only with clans inside the Camarilla. The clans inside the Camarilla are the following with one exception:

1.Clan Brujah aka Rabble or Zealots - They're represented as the vampire society's rabblerousers. They are portrayed as aggressive, zealous and very strong. As a result of this they have trouble controlling their inner beast and frenzy more than others. They also have trouble with respecting authority especially with the Camarilla

2.Clan Malkavian aka Lunatics - The Malkavians are all known for being insane, demented and incurably crazy. They are zany characters and have funny ways of seeing the world. However their insanity is more of a gift than a curse. While other clans have trouble discerning certain events, Malkavians can decipher them even before they happen. This is due to the high level of insight that is given to them from their insanity. All in all a pretty fun clan, but not to be messed with as they can get insanely violent at times.

3.Clan Nosferatu aka Sewers, Lepers, Rats - Clan Nosferatu are unfortunately for them, disfigured by their vampirism. While the rest of the clans remain with the same looks after their embrace, the Nosferatu don't. As a result of this vampire society tends to avoid them , think of them as some sort of a plague and face them only when it requires something from them. Society's need for them is due to the fact that Nosferatu are masters of the underground and are excellent spies and information traffickers. Their only problem is that human society loathes them as well, making it difficult for them to feed on it so they tend to eat the vermin in the sewers for blood. Them being well informed gives them certain leverage over other vampires, because they're not afraid to get their hands dirty. The Camarilla's main clan tends to loathe their looks and keeps them only because they are it's eyes and ears.

4.Clan Gangrel aka Animals or Outlanders - The exception in the group. Although once a part of the Camarilla, they left it due to the Camarilla not assisting them in a certain event. The loners of vampire society, clan Gangrel tend to rely on their own skills to get the job done. They have power to turn themselves into animals or summon animals using a special power called Animalism. While the Nosferatu are rejected by vamp. society, most Gangrel tend to reject society instead. They are quite powerful, which makes them quite resourceful in battle. They can mutate themselves into humanoid bat creatures who have great power. They also share a special connection with their beast making their frenzies more powerful, but also more dehumanizing which can present a problem in modern society.

5. Clan Toreador aka Artisans - Toreador enjoy beauty, they are known to be more sensitive and have a certain artistic vision and fascination towards beauty. This however can prove to be an obsession as many Toreador are captivated for hours by beautiful objects or people such as lights and even sunrises. This is the fact why so many Toreador fall in love with mortals. They possess empathy which explains why they are sensitive and the same can lead to drastic changes in their humanity if they tend to be more civil or gorge in their beastly nature.

6. Clan Tremere aka Warlocks, Wizards, Usurpers - The Tremere were in fact something of wizards in their time, until their belief in magic started to dissipate and they captured Tzimisce vampires to make themselves immortal. This turned them into vampires, of course and they felt the need to develop a special power. This power was Thaumaturgy which is actually blood sorcery in which the sorcerer uses blood to perform different feats of power. They are very secretive and do not let any of the other clans know their secrets. They are considered the most powerful due to Thaumaturgy, but are also quite often despised by other clans for this. Their newly embraced members must drink the blood of their elders which brings them closer to full obedience to their leaders (Drinking the blood of a vampire three times can result in absolute power of the blood owner over the drinker). However powerful the Warlocks are still wizards and due to that they lack in physical strength and aptitude.

7. Clan Ventrue aka Blue Bloods or Patricians - They are the aristocratic layer of vamp. society and are the main clan of the Camarilla. As formerly said they despise the Nosferatu for their looks, but need them nonetheless. They still loathe to negotiate with them and are primarily very stuck up when it comes to choosing who to embrace. They primarily target the rich aristocratic layers of society, which actually explains why they themselves are so stuck up. However up in the clouds they still possess talents which allows them to bend people to their will. Ironically the Ventrue being choosy about who they associate with, they also are cursed to certain refined tastes of blood. They cannot and refuse to feed on animals, they can only drink the blood of people higher on the social scale. If they feed on bums and lowlife they can't digest the blood and have to vomit. Such is the weight of the crown.

Anyway if you have finished this long text, you should have some more insight on the clans.
The goal is simple, write which clan you like or like to be in if the matter ever came up(not that it has to). It's all hypothetical.
For me I love the:
Malkavians - for their zany nature and insight
Toreador - for their love of beauty
Don't particularily like the Nosferatu for obvious reasons.
I apologize for any mistakes or typos if there were any.

shianova  posted on Aug 04, 2009 10:08:51 AM - Report post

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Tremere is my favorite.
glyth  posted on Aug 07, 2009 5:59:52 AM - Report post

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trokia deleted mine :/ Assamite
TheDarkestSmurf  posted on Sep 03, 2009 3:58:33 PM - Report post

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And mine: Lasombra
Squito  posted on Sep 18, 2009 5:20:47 PM - Report post

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Malkavians: playing with this class makes the game 100 times funnier. Colorful bubbles over items, instead of the usual blue bubbles. The males' cloth with that big hat makes the game even funnier. The way they speak sometimes make me laugh, sometimes are quite poetic. If I could become a vampire, I would choose them. Maybe I would go crazy ( ), but who cares?

Tremere: in most of the (MMO)RPGs I like/tend to play with spellcasters/wizards and this is what the Tremere is, wizards. They are also sophisticated, seek knowledge and like occult/magic things, but not stuck up, like the Vetrue. They are very sympathic, but I still would become a Malkavian.

aephion  posted on Dec 03, 2009 11:40:14 AM - Report post

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Malkavians forever. I actually keep a broken handmirror on the wall.
blue_sky  posted on May 08, 2010 6:21:56 PM - Report post

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I don't identify greatly with any one clan in particular. But, ironically, I relate to the Brujah the most. The ones in the game, that is. Not as they are described in the selection screen. Not so much. I'm far from being aggressive and I most certainly hate bullies.
But that is not a very fitting description of the ones in the game, indeed. It's ironic you (Ackbar) picked the labels Rabble, Zealots, Rabblerousers, for those we meet are anything but any of those 3. The rabble would be the narrow minded fools following LaCroix and the Camarila. The zealots would be those same fools doing the bidding of the Camarila. And the rabblerousers, well, those would be the Camarila puppeteer leaders. Of sorts. LaCroix does have a penchant for drama.

Sounding like a Brujah much, am I? Hm...
But I relate to other clans also. The appreciation of culture and the discretion of the Toreador, the pursuit of knowledge of the Gangrel Beckett (although he is an uncommon specimen among his clan, he is an example of what they are capable of), the sophistication of the Tremere and the level-headedness of the Ventrue. As for the Nosferatu... I admire their resourcefulness.
I only relate most to the Brujah. Again, those we get to meet, mainly.
Were I one of them, I suppose I would be among the Brujah who Beckett is among the Gangrel.

empdragon  posted on Jul 30, 2011 12:31:45 PM - Report post

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Clan Malkavian are clearly the best clan in the game just for there insights and fun & games.

shame not all clans are playerbal though.

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