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Too Human Survival Guide by SG Community
killerpop89  posted on Jul 18, 2009 11:10:17 AM - Report post

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More flashbacks, going to “Meet the Norns.” When you get dumped in cyberspace for the first time, there are 5 loot obelisks scattered in this area, so don’t immediately run to Freya beyond the gate. See if you can find all 5 before you go meet up with Freya and get hit on by the one I call, Slutty Norn. Then go back up to the well in front of you, grab the ability to push objects in cyberspace (will now be referred to as C3) and head back out. Behind you where the Troll was, is a loot Obelisk that will always have a giant “rare value” 2H sword. You should be close to the level where you can equip it.

Go out the door you opened in C3 and get ready to meet your first polarity goblin. He’ll be reddish-orange. Think of him like a suicide bomber. He charges at you and explodes, not so bad now but the full game apparently has over 20 different types of these guys to throw at you. Poison, frost, even one that saps your combo level when they get in close to you. Push your way through this outdoor bridge area. There’s a missile goblin and another leader at the end of the bridge. This is a good time to try and keep your hit counter alive. See if you can keep going from wave to wave and get a hit counter above 150.

Now a hallway, 2 explodie goblins. Fill ‘em fulla lead or plasma or laser, your choice.

Next up is a big room, with 3 missile goblins on the outer edges, so watch out for them. Tons of fodder goblins drop from above. Once you clear them out and go up the ramp to move on, another pack with an explodie at the lead comes at you. Deal with them and go to the new C3 well in the left corner. This well opens all 3 of the doors in this alcove off to the left in the same manner you did beforehand. Use the cyber push ability to point the rock at the door you want to open. You need to open one at a time and each one will only give you one try to beat what is behind the doorway.

Far left door houses an elite goblin, 10 levels higher than you. He will beat you down quickly if you go toe to toe with him. I recommend Juggling and either air combat or shoot him from afar. Don’t let him touch you. Remember Fierce/Finisher combos will do a chunk of damage to him. After that clean up the regular fodder goblins that drop down once the elite is dead. If you kill them all, enjoy the obelisk and your first epic armor blueprint. Go into the equipment menu and pay the bounty to make it and equip it.

Middle door is your first timed arena challenge. They’re all fodder goblins thankfully but you’ve got a timelimit to kill them all. Move fast and efficient. Use your spider if you’ve got him. Ruiners are a toss up here because you’ll lose speed if you drop down a combo level. Using a 2in1 Ruiner combo should keep you at level 3. If you do use a Ruiner make sure you get a lot of them with it. The countdown will stop when they’re all dead. If you see the timer at 0.0 then you lose. The outcome will discern whether you get the big, or small loot obelisk. Big one has another epic armor piece.

Far right door is just a nice free loot obelisk with no tricks. You can open this one first if you’re feeling a little underpowered for the other doors.

Now, moving on, there’s another loot obelisk around the corner, to the right, by the doorway to the last room and it will always give you a big 2H Hammer in the demo. This is also a good place to stop before doing the prior door challenges if you feel undergeared. A couple of baddies will drop down on you, but they’re just fodder for the final room.

Now, the final room. You’ll get a Big troll and 2 missile boys on either side. Get the missiles first. If you try to mount the troll the missiles will knock you off. There is also a switch on the top of the left staircase by the missile goblin that will unlock a door on the top of the right staircase to a second timed arena challenge. Push on to the other end of the room for a major flood of goblins, 2 more missile boys and another shielded leader. You know what you’re doing by now so take them out. I still recommend prioritizing the missile gobs first. The Shielded leader usually waits until both missile goblins are dead before he joins in. However, the fodder goblins will be swarming you. Once they’re all dead, double back and see if you can beat that unlocked arena challenge and get one last epic armor piece before the demo ends.

Then, stand there and wish that you could keep going.

Fun little easter egg. You worked hard to get your guy to look pimped out. Instead of ending the demo, go to the menu and choose “Restart Demo” then wait. The game will eventually play through the opening cinematic if you don’t hit start at the World Tree screen and the Baldur in the opening cinematic will be fully decked out in whatever you were last wearing.

Look for more Too Human tips and tricks, after the game releases on August 19, 2008.

killerpop89  posted on Jul 18, 2009 11:11:46 AM - Report post

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Now I didn't make this guide but, I corrected some of the spelling and errors that were in this guide.

So I take only 10% of the credit for this guide.

The real maker of this guide is SG Community

SG Community-90%

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