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GaintBomb loot guide
killerpop89  posted on Jul 18, 2009 10:53:53 AM - Report post

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Welcome to the Too Human Loot Guide. There have been many dungeon crawler games that are based off a loot system. From "Diablo 2" , "World of Warcraft", and now "Too Human". Loot system brings the player back for more and adds a whole lot of replay value to a game, especially in Too Human. So if you're now level 50, still searching for those red epics, then hopefully this guide can help you grab them faster.

The rarity of armor and weapons are in the following order, 1 being not rare, 6 being most rare.

1. White
2. Green
3. Blue
4. Purple
5. Orange
6. Red (Epic)

How Charms Work
Many people i have talked to are extremely confused on how exactly charms work. There are three levels of charm rarity:

1. White - Tier 1
2. Purple - Tier 2
3. Red - Tier 3

Tier 3 are basically your epic charms. Now, here is how they work:
To complete a tier 1 charm, you must finish the quest listed as well as insert the required runes into it. For a tier 2 charm, you must complete the quest required and insert the required charms into it. This means instead of inserting runes into your tier 2 charm, you will insert the correct symbol tier 1 charm, that is already complete. For the tier 3 charm, you must complete the charm quest, and insert the required tier 2 charms. Hopefully this helps you understand how charms work.

Getting Started
Before you start loot grinding, you will need to find "Loot Armor". This is basically an open socket orange armor you need to buy, and insert 3x +5% Loot drop runes. This will max your loot drop and increase your chances of finding items. Secondly, do not start major loot finding until you are 50. This will make it so your epics you find will be level 50 epics rather than a lower level requirement armor, which wouldn't be as good. Make sure your loot armor has good defense, because you will be using this to find all of your epic pieces, and you will be killing a lot of enemies. Here is the quote from SK Adam on TH.net: "If you have a 15% loot drop modifier, that means whenever you kill a monster (including bosses!) there is a 15% chance that they will drop double the amount of items that they normally would. So when this procs on a boss it's pretty sweet as it's literally a fountain of loot. It also means you get more health drops."

Epic Drop Chance
Thanks to Wynn, at toohuman.net for this info on drop chances for epic armor:
Hall of Heroes - GRENDL Run - 6.47%
3-4 Single Player - 2.27%
3-4 Multi Player - 3.39%

On a level 50, Leaders have the best chance to drop an epic rune. A boss with a token has the highest chance for dropping epic armor (GRENDL), and chests have no chance at dropping an epic armor.

Epic Weapons
Do not "Loot Grind" enemies for your epic weapons. All you need to do is keep leaving / exiting games and go to the weapon store every time until you find them. This is the fastest way to get these, and you should probably get these before you start trying to get your epic armor. This could take several games, or you could find them on the first try, it is all luck. There is nothing you can do to increase your chances of finding epic weapons at the weapon store.

Epic Armor
This will definitely take time to get your full epic set. If you do not have the time and dedication, you shouldn't even try. This guide will help you and tell you where the best places to look for your armor, but you will have to put your effort into finding them. Do not play Co Op whenever epic searching, unless you are playing with a friend. Always play solo. You never know who is going to be a jerk and steal that one specific piece you've been looking for, and the other guy obtains it and doesn't even need but decides to keep it. Remember, when your are playing solo to create a multiplayer game with 1 private slot and start the game by yourself! Here are the Best places to search for your epics:

1. Level 3-4 , Belt runs. You probably know what im talking about. Just keep running the conveyer belt. I have found this best for finding Epic Runes, so if you are looking for runes to insert into your already obtained Aesir armor, then grind here.
2. Level 3-4, Spider Runs. Basically right before you get to the belt there is a spider. You can do this solo. After killing the 2 trolls and 1 spider in the room before you get to the belt, slowly walk to the door , stopping as soon as it opens. You will need a good ranged weapon, or you may want to spec on the left side of the cybernetic tree. The spider will spawn while you are still in the other room and you will need to shoot him, kill the spider, and wait around 1 minute for the drops to float to you. After that, run back to where the well is, and repeat. You can do this for as long as you want.
3. Hall of Heroes, Do full level runs, skip the secret areas to save time. You will need to ge all the tokens, it is suppose to increase epic drop chance. The final boss usually has decent drops.

These are, in my opinion, the best places to find the best drops. Do not even attempt to run through the second level, usually there are not very good drops, and it is very difficult. The final level is okay, but i would suggest the above areas before it.

Other good armors that can be obtained are "Aesir Armor". These can be purchased through the armor store, so i would suggest that you just keep remaking games to see if you can find them. They are basically armor with open sockets, so you can put whatever you want in them, and in all reality are possible to be better than epic armor sets. Remember if you have Aesir armor, Belt runs are a good place to find runes!

Other / Misc.
In the campaign, there are small little chests spread throughout the town. These are activated every time the campaign is beaten ( i believe ) , I would reccommend that you do not open these until you hit level 50, you will get a better drop.

I only take 5% credit for posting.

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