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felixrival  posted on Jun 26, 2009 3:34:27 PM - Report post

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i had the same bit of luck with my first human team... first match i won 3-0 and thought hey its not so bad on easy (also turn based)

then the next game right after kick off, my ogre and 2 blitzers die and i get a lineman KO'ed... also for some strange reason the computer has ALOT of cash, i just played a match against a dwarven team which had 13 man on the team and 320k gold to spare... resulting in them buying that nasty steamroller...

i sure hope the patch fixes a few things....

ltc_insane  posted on Jun 27, 2009 5:17:30 AM - Report post

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yeah i've noticed that the game is horribly hard even on easy i got smashed twice playing turned based matches then i did alright for awhile in real time for awhile before it started to get difficult again.
Delexos  posted on Jun 27, 2009 12:50:36 PM - Report post

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Maybe you guys just need more practice? or perhaps you are going at it with the wrong team type for your play style?

I'm not trying to upset anyone or anger anyone by implying that you are bad at the game, Bloodbowl is all about patience and strategy. Sure it also has a massive amount to do with luck but even when luck isn't on your side you can still find ways to lessen the burden of defeat.

I have bene playing a BB campaign on easy difficulty to get to grips with the game (its been many years since I played the TT version) I picked a chaos team and so far I have lost 1 match with them which was right at the start of my campaign so I wasnt really warmed up to playing at that point. I have also not lost a single player, some have had injuries, and I even had to fire a beastman whos injury dropped his STR by -1 making him worthless to a hard hitting Chaos team.

However on the other hand I do very much agree with the other people here when they mention the fact that the money situation in the game is stupid. Almost every single match I go up against teams of 13-16 players who somehow still manage to have 300k-500k gold spare to buy inducements to slap my team with. Whereas I never seem to have any cash at all.

So far I have a team of 12 with 10 cheerleaders, 4 re-rolls and an apothacary. But I havent had any cash to buy inducements for probably around 10 games or so.

Clearly they need to do something to fix this gold issue.

Shallak  posted on Jun 27, 2009 1:09:48 PM - Report post

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Dont worry, I am not easily angered.

I have played Blood Bowl Table top games, and I am well aware that bad luck is part of the game (and in some ways, a big part of the fun). In my first post I mentionned I never was able to make a pass in 7 complete games. It didnt meant I lost all those games. I won a few, lost the rest, but the fact remains, the cpu could dodge 5 of my blockers, and make perfect pass all the times (they never, ever, failed a pass : humans)...

Bad luck is ok when it's even on both side, which doesnt seems to be the case here. But loosing 2 Blitzer, 2 Lineman and 1 ogre on the FIRST round.... that is just ridiculous. My girlfriend wasnt believing me, she would argue that the cpu cannot be cheating, that it would get better. She then looked at 3 more games, and her comment was : "The cpu isnt cheating, the game is just ill programmed", she couldnt admit being wrong, but she was convinced that something was off

That's why I am patiently waiting for a trainer from CH, so I can have my blast with BB.

felixrival  posted on Jun 27, 2009 3:13:57 PM - Report post

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hehe iam not angered as well, i think it is a great game, chess the way it was ment to be played :P

the luck factor i can live with... i can even live with/understand when you go against a team with 1000 rating vs my team with 1200 rating that they get 200k gold to balance it out... but when both teams are equal like you said and they still have tons of money to buy star players etc (god i hate that freakin Valor from the Dwarves) thats just unfair :P i want that amount of cash too

now i just need to learn some better strategies... so far my orc team can score in their first drive and then pummel the other team for the rest of the game... it would be fun to learn how to score multiple times though :P

Raguen  posted on Jun 28, 2009 4:22:29 AM - Report post

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I agree, we need a trainer for campaign mod. At least one option to change the level of gold.
Tpek  posted on Jun 28, 2009 5:45:46 AM - Report post

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I am angered, and you won't like me when I'm angry... ROAAAAAAAAAAAARR! *turns green and overly muscular, shirt gets ripped off and pants partially torn* HULK CHEAT! HULK USE TRAINER!

Anyway, it would appear that using an SQLLite editor, you can (at your own risk) edit saved teams, to up them a bit, like increasing stats, adding skills, and the like.

Still, a trainer would be most welcomed.

Draco_Shindo  posted on Jun 30, 2009 2:04:41 AM - Report post

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The SQLLite editor works.
You can edit Str, Agi, Momevment, Armor value, Fan Factor, cheerleaders, money the whole bunch...
you can also add and remove skills from players, increase their level, all of it is saved within the file you can edit with the SQLLite editor.

This link Link

explains most if not all you need.

me wants trainer too though or a save editor... easier and alot less work than manually editing it

[Edited by Draco_Shindo, 6/30/2009 2:05:38 AM]

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