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Suggestion for Future Trainers -PC Games
MosheLevi  posted on Jun 21, 2009 11:46:32 AM - Report post

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Caliber, Chris and Mike,

First I would like to say that I am enjoying using your trainers, they are great.

I just feel that trainers (for all PC games) are missing one important option.

First I must say that I enjoy challenging games the most.
However, many times it’s too hard to beat the game and that is why I need a trainer (like many other people).
The only problem with the current trainers is that they spoil/ruin the challenge.
Most times I just need a small boost in order to keep up with game.
However, when I get all these tons of resources/bonuses via the trainer then it is too easy to beat the game and the challenge is gone (and so is the fun).
So usually when I use the trainer I quit the game shortly after because it is just NOT fun to play a game with no challenge.
After all, the most fun element about games is being able to beat the challenge (without cheating or with minimal cheating).

So my suggestion is to add a second activation feature (PF2) for giving players small amounts of the same resources.
So for example, if pressing PF1 and then “1” gives the player 9999 units, then PF2 and “1” will give the player just 10 units (every time he presses “1”).

This can be great way to maintain the challenge.
The player just gives himself a small amount/number of resources/units in order to overcome an impossible obstacle and then he can just continue to play the game normally and maintain the challenge.

If you think this is too much work, then please consider doing so just for one or two resources (the most important one’s).

So please take that into consideration.

Thank you for making great trainers.

Moshe Levi

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Abudabi1  posted on Jun 23, 2009 2:44:52 PM - Report post

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I think the problem with doing that, for the player, is the fact they know they can always just hit the button to get more.

I know you said its to overcome some of the almost impossible parts of some games, but when the going gets tough again, most people would just hit that button and get more resource.

It really isn't a work around for people that use that. If you're having a really tough time with a certain area on a map, why not just trigger the cheat, then shut it off again after you get past that hard part. Yes you may have 999990 resources left over, so waste them on stuff to get rid of it, or change your strategy and pour all your resources into junk you wouldn't normally.

Thats just my suggestion.

MosheLevi  posted on Jun 24, 2009 10:15:26 PM - Report post

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You can’t waste 9999999 resources.
Once you get them they will last you for unlimited supply of new units for the next 2 hours, lol.

I have used trainers for various games when I got overran by the AI but once I gave myself these enormous extra resources I beat the AI in less than 5 minutes.
At that point there was no more challenge, and it was way too easy to beat the AI.
Once you have all these resources you cannot just ignore it and not use them.

Now it is definitely better to use the trainers in such situations to avoid a frustrating defeat.
However, using the trainer ends the game prematurely so the fun is not complete.

With extra small trickle of resources players can just give themselves the resources they need in order to stay in the game.
They can then continue to have a fun challenging game all the way to the end and feel good about their victory.

Now I think there is even a better way to improve Trainers for RTS games.
I believe that adding “Handicap” functionality to RTS Trainer can add a lot of value to such trainers.

Not many RTS games utilize “Handicap” in the Single Player Skirmish part of the game.
C&C3, AOE3, LOTR: BFME2 are some of the few games that allow players to choose “Handicap” level for the AI and/or for themselves.
Yet, this is a great feature that is very popular among RTS players as it allows them to adjust the AI’s difficulty level to match their level almost to perfection.
As a result games can be fun and challenging.

Being a programmer myself I realized that it is fairly simple to utilize “Handicap” functionality via a trainer for the rest of the RTS games that don’t have the “Handicap” feature.

The Trainer can allow the player to type in how many extra resources to give every minute (for each resource).
At that point the Trainer will take care of that for the player for the remaining of the game.
During the game if these extra resources are not enough the player would be able to modify the amount of extra resources via the same functionality.

This is a perfect way to cheat (when you need to) without feeling like you are cheating.
At the same time the challenge level of the game is kept (assuming the player figured out the right quantity of handicap).

I believe that Trainers with “Handicap” feature can be more popular among RTS players and can generate more interest for such trainers.
This is because the extra resources are given in moderation (according to the player’s preference) and the player doesn’t feel like he is cheating.
After all, “Handicap” is a legitimate way of playing games and to adjust the challenge level.

I believe that this type of trainer will benefit both players and this web site.

Matri  posted on Jun 25, 2009 1:09:04 AM - Report post

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I agree though. Sometimes you want just enough to make up the difference, not enough to screw the experience.

How about an option in the Trainer Customizer to allow us to view & change the numbers?

Caliber  posted on Jun 25, 2009 10:06:44 AM - Report post

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i am not sure why he posted this suggestion in here after he e-mailed us personally (and we responded already) but here is our view on it:


thank you for your suggestions. we get tons of advice and suggestions from the cheathappens member community. i will take into consideration your thoughts in the future. keep in mind that i am working on many many games at once, as well as working on updates/patches to games, as well as sometime 2 or 3 different versions of the same game (steam, retail, D2D, etc.) so it isn't always possible to spend time making MORE options or trying to CHANGE options to have multiple values. i just don't have the time to customize the trainers to that degree. i do understand your position, though. try to understand the position i am in as well, and the time constraints and workload that i have here.


MosheLevi  posted on Jun 25, 2009 7:53:25 PM - Report post

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Actually I sent the email and posted my suggestion in the forum about the same time.
I got your email reply after that.

I posted in the forum for the purpose of discussion, and the direct email was to make sure you see my suggestion.

Later on I had the idea about the “Handicap” feature so I decided to email and post it for the same reason.

In any case, I appreciate your hard work.
You guys make awesome trainers.

Hopefully when you do have time for improvements you would consider the “Handicap” feature or as Matri suggested – allowing us to modify the amount of resources that the trainer gives.

[Edited by MosheLevi, 6/25/2009 7:53:58 PM]

[Edited by MosheLevi, 6/25/2009 7:54:31 PM]

drako405  posted on Jul 15, 2009 7:58:19 AM - Report post

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He probably thought that if he had support that you would make the changes without a second thought, i for one think he is an idiot, there is no reason to dumb them down because he feels like a cheater or isn't having fun. If that's the case then don't use the trainers.
asc60107  posted on Jul 15, 2009 8:30:15 AM - Report post

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God I love the Battleforge trainer. So, so good.

Best way to get past the hard part and not have it ruin the level is to make a few units invincible, mow down the enemy a bit, then kill the unit. Bam.

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