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Boss Help
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    Lamborgino posted on Jun 07, 2009 10:33:57 AM - Report post
    This is simply just my way of how i beat each of the bosses. You may also post how you beat the bosses.

    The vey last boss is, in my opinion, almost the easiest boss in the game ^^

    *11th Mission*

    What I did to kill this guy was that right at the beginning, I was VERY aggressive towards this boss, right when his first purple shield fell, I cut him up with my sword strike, taking off about %5 of his health. When he Stops shooting his little pink turret attack, I also sword stike him, also right before he commands a laser strike against me. It took a while and 4 tries before I killed this boss with 3,000 T-ENG left and about half of my health gone.

    *10th Mission*

    Rick and his buddy tell you to rendezvous with them but once you reach the room just before you meet up with them, you get blocked by a HUGE plant akrid boss. Wonderful, showing how this boss’s weak spots don’t even show at the beginning of the battle. Get into a VS and equip 2 VS gatling guns and just spray one of the feelers, the boss’s tentacles with claws at the tip of it. Sooner or l8r the feeler will lose its head, (literally!) and evade thru a hole underground. Follow the small tunnel and soon there will be a dead end with a shotgun. Pick it up if you don’t have a rocket launcher, (like I didn’t have >: () and shoot at the cone-shaped cover and if your aim is good, throw nades at it for extra damage. Start running after you’ve thrown 2 grenades at it because the feeler will come back. Do it again till the cone-shaped weak spot bursts. GOODBYE FEELER. Advance onto the next feeler and do the same thing. Now its just the main boss and you. Get into the VS and equip a shotgun so that now you have a gatling gun and a shotgun and pick up ammo cuz ur gatling gun might be running low on ammo. Shoot the boss’s tongue when it pops out of it’s mouth until he dies.

    The weird dude at the end of the 10th mission? A weakling. About 1,000 T-ENG, a VS, 2 VS shotguns equipped on the VS, and this boss will take less then a friggin minute! I swear, I think Capcom thinks that this boss is 2 hard, well that’s bs cuz this boss was way to easy.

    This is obvious, dodge his sword lunge and just blast the out of him with your dual VS shotguns. Straight up and simple.

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