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    Killing Floor Trainer
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    HelioSDenton posted on Jul 06, 2011 8:58:10 AM - Report post

    since you locked the other topic, just gonna leave you a message here.

    yes you updated the trainer 21 times. if its free for all, i would understand how you dont want to release a new update.

    but you do realize, these kf trainers are for unlimited users only. and we DO PAY real cash for these stuff.

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    PWizard posted on Jul 06, 2011 9:01:55 AM - Report post
    That doesn't give you the right to be rude or EXPECT us to update and support this game indefinitely. We release 40-60 trainers a month for games other than Killing Floor.

    This site is called CHEAT Happens, not KILLING FLOOR Happens.

    [Edited by PWizard, 7/6/2011 9:02:34 AM]
    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat
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    HelioSDenton posted on Jul 06, 2011 9:43:00 AM - Report post
    hey i wasnt being rude?
    and im not saying "hey i want an updated trainer NOWW!!!!"
    yes i know the current ver trainer works just fine, but im saying if the trainer ever needs an actual update, i WILL be expecting it.

    for further information on why i would think you are tired of releasing updated trainers, please read the long message i just sent you.

    i do appreciate you and your teams hard work on keeping most trainers up to date and alive. and i do understand how many new games gaming industry release every month. and i will admit ill be needy and rude if these stuff are FREE.

    but like i said, if you/your team cant handle the work load, then maybe its time to hire a new recruit to help you guys out a bit.

    i have to make this point clear
    ----- if its free stuff, ill shut up. its not free, im just asking the paid service to happen. -----

    if dealing with "ungrateful" customers like me,
    if being paid to do hard work is annoying to you,
    then maybe you should consider all these before starting a business.

    i hope you all dont take this the wrong way, im not being rude or anything. i paid for full service, a full meaning 100% service, not 50%, 60%, 70%, BUT 100%.

    i know there are other games that needs to be tend to, but for now ill just point out what KF trainer needs to be fixed even BEFORE this new update.

    armor, ammo, weight cheat doesnt work, it crashes the game 9.5 out of 10 times. the only cheat that works is health and money, and confirmed that never crash.

    i know all your hard work and stuff, and i never complained until now that i bring it up. so yea, im pretty sure i appreciate you and your teams hard work.

    and to be honest, if any readers think $39.95 is nothing to you, then feel free, donate some to me. cause i paid that price and im expecting things to be working smooth like clockwork.

    PS. like i mentioned above im not asking "UPDATE NOW". but i am expecting something working at 100%. if you cant give us that now, the least you can do is post an official thread telling us its on its way. instead of being like any other d-bag developers in the game industry. (aka the recent TWI updates on KF - update will be released on July 1st instead of June 30th because of technical issues. **July 1st passed mid-day, no release, no updates, nobody knows when the release will be out**)
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    DABhand posted on Jul 06, 2011 9:54:40 AM - Report post
    Before Pwiz closes this thread or decides to retire the game.

    You have to realise, as it is described in the Terms and Conditions you accepted, that CH doesn't make trainers for every game or patch on the planet, which I have already said there is not enough hours in the day, week, month and year to do one for every game and every patch.

    You paid for a service that is being provided to you, not a guarantee that every single update to Killing Floor will be accommodated to, like in real life things get shelved to make way for new things. And like real life CH has to make way for new games also.

    As for $39.95 for 24/7 access to any trainer made etc it is a good deal you got.

    Hell I pay £480 a year in Council Tax, but yet my council isn't running smooth for me, how dare they not fix up my road! how dare they not come fix up our gardens!...

    The same applies here, you can't expect because you paid $39.95 that everything has to be dropped so you get a guarantee for an unknown update that may or may not come in the future for a specific title.. Because then everyone else will want one for game x, game y, game z etc and it comes back down to not enough hours, and some new games would not get done because we Caliber would be too busy doing the other titles.
    Oh and Don't forget some tuts on ASM and defeating DMA

    Clicky Here for them
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    Send a message to HelioSDenton
    HelioSDenton posted on Jul 06, 2011 10:27:11 AM - Report post
    i agree with you. but like i stated before, im not asking for it right now. im saying dont give up on it. why im saying all these? because i think KF is a great game, still have a great game community, and DEFENATLY not a dead game. these are the reasons why im saying this game should NOT be retired.

    and hell, all these silly promotion steam releases causes updates, but it also creates new customers to buy KF, which also means a portion of those new comers will come to CH and be YOUR new customers.

    and i do read the ToS. im not sure if you can do this or not, but pull out a log of my posts, have i ever complained to other games that i like but doesnt have trainer for? no. have i ever complained on non-100% working trainer? no. i have ACTUALLY been grateful for the work load your team put into CH.

    as for your situation example. thats the peoples problem, for not speaking up for themselves and keep having the mind set of "oh they threw me a bone, i should be grateful and wag my tail instead".

    i have the mindset of "i paid for it, and now wheres my ****".
    i feel sorry for you not having a exact working council. and itll only get worse if nobody speak up their opinions to them. its us, these type of "annoying" customers keep things improving since we forces them to move forward instead of fall back and relax. -having a dangerous life keep you sharp, relax and chillax turns you dull- i hope you understand what i mean by that quote.

    and let me remind again. i AM grateful for the hard work CH puts into for their customers, but dont use the excuse/reason to say its just too much. because thats your part to solve, hire new members, take more time out of your daily life, increase a % of the fees to make you feel your hard work is more worth it.

    or perhaps even this (im sure many of the users are gonna hate me for this) charge the users per game instead of a 24/7 whole year membership. not saying $40 per game, but perhaps $2~5 per trainer. make a currency for CH. then you guys will receive the tokens of that game worth. but which will also means that a even harsher, strict quality of trainers that customers will be expecting.

    just a suggestion anyways. im all for improve CH for better trainers.

    PS. ToS saids its not guarantee for any updates or trainers. but if its a half-assed trainer...wouldnt that seem like a scam now?
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    Send a message to PWizard
    PWizard posted on Jul 06, 2011 10:41:18 AM - Report post
    So now our trainers are "half-assed". I think I've heard enough. Thread closed.
    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat
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