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Trouble w/Storyline Missions & others
PerroLoco  posted on Apr 26, 2009 8:00:06 AM - Report post

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This may seem silly but I am becoming really frustrated trying to complete some of the missions. OK... I will admit that I am a terrible driver & can't seem to get the hang of driving cars & bikes without crashing into stuff but...

I set my mouse sensitivity down to 5% & keyboard down to 12% which smooths stuff out a lot. My frame rate is good running nVidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB, Dual core AMD 5600, 4 GB RAM, XPPro, Massive HD storage (>4TB) Currently having zero hardware or software issues. No desktop crashes or sys crashes.

I've already wiped out the Brotherhood and want to advance but I can't seem to go forward.

Stuck On the following:

1. Ronin Road Rage Mission: bike chase from burbs to Saint's hideout. Is there a secret here to completing this? Is there some side mission I should complete first to make this easier?

2. Veteran Child in club: I can't seem to kill this guy without killing Shaundi first! Help? Is there some side mission I should complete first to make this easier?


Demo Derby: Stuck on Level 4: I bash all the other cars, blowing up lots but I always fail w/ msg: you failed to do enough damage. What gives? Hints?

HonestGamer  posted on May 04, 2009 3:58:24 AM - Report post

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1. Ronin Road Rage: No secrets, But I suggest on getting out of the bike and quickly stealing a car. Now you can run-over those bikers and kill them. But remember - Be quick, not in a hurry or else you will fail. I conquered this mission after 6 tries.

2. Veteran Child in Club: There is a way of beating him. Grab the molotovs that are kept near the pillars of the club. Throw them at a safe distance from The Veteran Child and of course Shaundi. Both will get a little damage, but Veteran Child will lose hold of Shaundi for 2-3 seconds. Now be quick - Switch the weapon and shoot him! You will have to repeat the whole method 2 or 3 times to kill him. If you are playing the game on easy mode, you won't have to try again and again!


Demo Derby: If it is a timed mission, it must be a possibility that you must be running out of time before you make the required points of damage. I suggest on using the CH Trainer's Freeze/Kill Timers option and start doing the regular damage.

Hope I have helped!


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PerroLoco  posted on May 04, 2009 5:21:00 AM - Report post

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Thanks for your good advice...

I finally managed to get ahead in both of these or all three or whatever. This is what I figured out and it worked.

1. Ronin Road Rage: After carefully looking at the map it seems that the gang of Ronin bikers heads into the upper island downtown section of the city to meet up with the additional 4 bikers, who then all take a roundabout route to the lower island using the easternmost bridge. So... I just take the most direct route straight south to the lower island, cruise around the Ultor Dome and up to the East bridge I know the Ronin will use, get off my motorcycle and gun them down as they attempt to cross the bridge.

For some reason, maybe because I don't chase them, the extra 4 Ronin bikers don't spawn so then you have to get back on your bike or boost a car and go north on the bridge to the point where those extra Ronin spawn. Since there's only four of them, they're easy to deal with. Run 'n gun!

I also tried it another way... on the way up to the mission starting point. Get a car that can hold four. Take as many of your gang members as you can. Dismiss them just before you walk into the mission start circle. When you start the mission sitting on your bike there should be a few of your homeboyz still in the area. Recruit one & he'll get on back of your bike. Cut through the lawn & fence on the right to get to the main north-south street and head straight south... Ronin come in from the west on side streets. Wait for them to show up and between you and your rider you can easily gun 'em down. Helps to have the GAL43. Or mine the street with satchel charges!

2. Veteran Child in Club: Have at least one of your gang members with you who has a machine gun or the AK47 clone rifle. Equip yourself with Pepper Spray! Spray the whoopee outta both Veteran Child & Shaundi (it's non-lethal) - as Veteran Child moves away from Shaundi, spray him continuously! Make sure you deactivate the MegaDamage cheat if you're using the trainer. Your homeboy will be able to kill Veteran Child more or less instantly.

3. Demolition Derby: Getting the required amount of monetary damage means that you have to take out & explode at least 3 - 5 of the other cars in every stage. You can't let the other guys do too much damage to your victims before you do! To make your hits count, hold down your Nitrous Oxide key during the countdown. As soon as the "race" starts aim for the center of the pack. If you are the one doing the bashing, apparently you don't take any real damage. Usually you can explode at least on car on the first pass through the pack. Keep circling the arena going as fast as you can using the nitrous whenever you can... Hit 'em hard & hit 'em fast! The Nitrous Oxide seems to be the key element here!

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