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Didn't see that coming...
nephilim  posted on Apr 23, 2009 1:01:45 AM - Report post

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Wow, I just started playing this game again on a whim and boom, you release a brand new trainer. What are the odds?

Caliber apparently has not only godlike tracing skills, but has evolved to read minds.

FMTopFan  posted on Apr 23, 2009 3:38:45 AM - Report post

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I have just started this game again because of the new trainer, and I admit I gave up on it too early. I'm so glad to get back into it despite it being 10 years old. Its never too late to make a trainer for games like this and I agree nephilim, Caliber is a genius.

I gave up a bit too easily on it as I found getting enough food difficult. I still can't get enough food even in the tutorial and my creature keep dying and respawning in his pen. Since your getting back into it, do you have any tips to give to a fellow member?


Edit: btw, is it worth getting Creature Isle ? I seen it cheap on Amazon (hope its ok to say that otherwise delete it) as nowhere else sells it.

[Edited by FMTopFan, 4/23/2009 3:45:15 AM]

Xientie  posted on Apr 23, 2009 6:44:03 AM - Report post

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I always used to run out of wood and then people would crucify for lack of houseing or just roll over and die . I'll need to dig the game out and start playing it again .
endersblade  posted on Apr 23, 2009 6:10:58 PM - Report post

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I think 2 was a much better game.
DABhand  posted on Apr 23, 2009 6:52:54 PM - Report post

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The first was better, 2nd was a bit too ambitious.
FMTopFan  posted on Apr 24, 2009 8:17:31 AM - Report post

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originally posted by DABhand

The first was better, 2nd was a bit too ambitious.

I agree Black & White was simpler because it was easier to follow than its successor. The stories/tasks were all very good, albeit a bit cheesy but that was the appeal. I did find getting the sheep a bit frustrating in the task 'Good Sheep Hunting' as they are so small in the low-res textures. Its very hard to spot them unless you zoom right in & listen to 'bahhs'.

I have the 2nd game so once I finish this game & Creature Isle (hope the trainer works for that).. I'll try to finish B&W2 as well.

You should also remember to install the bonus creatures from here Link

Better Performance Possible?
Also, I find even now, B&W seems to be badly coded to run smoothly (get 62fps) even my PC when you keep zooming in & out as you need to: (3.3Ghz Intel QX6700, 8GB RAM, 4870 CrossFire). I run @1,400x1050, 32bit colour, Direct 3D Hardware T&L acceleration, and all the Advanced settings on + up full.

I did find some good sites showing the comparisons of getting the performance right Link AND Link but nothing like I wanted to tweak game settings yourself. It would be great if they redid B&W to the equivalent of what they did to Ridd|ck: Dark Athena or Half Life: Source.

nephilim  posted on Apr 26, 2009 12:04:58 PM - Report post

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The sheep thing is much easier if you turn everything to maximum in graphics. The ground textures get grainy while interactable objects do not, so you look for the sharp white dots.

I have similar specs on my PC (I7 and nVidia though) and there's no problem running silky at 1920x1200. It's probably a minor bug with ATI drivers/cards or something.

lucyblue  posted on Jun 16, 2009 12:08:54 PM - Report post

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B&W 2 had no Creature AI at all in comparison to Black and White. All it had was a few sliders for tweaking creature behavior. But you couldn't do things like Teach a cow to eat villages, and then teach it not to throw up for eating meat. And you couldn't teach it to eat its own poop after it ate the villager and then teach it to not throw up for eating poop.

I personally had my creature, years ago, trained to plant a bunch of trees in enemy villages to gain belief. If the village didn't turn, he was trained to throw fireballs at the trees and raize the enemy village to the ground. You just can't get that kind of very specific behavioral training in B&W2.

Another creature I trained was trained to set fire to the enemy orphanage, thereby garnering belief. But to put the fire out for more belief. And just keep doing that. If they didn't have an orphanage, I had him trained to instead gather poison mushrooms (or poop) and throw it into their store house to poison the food supply.

That said, I do think the creatures looked a lot better in B&W2, fuzzy for the win. *BUT* I'd much rather have the huge assortment from B&W2 than the tiny assortment

Black and White 2 was an RTS game while Black and White was more a virtual life game. The natural thing to do is to compare them, but when you realize they're not even the same genre, it seems pointless to compare them.

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