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i need help
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    i am.:michael:. posted on Dec 23, 2004 4:42:14 PM - Report post
    ummm..yea...ive been playing this game for not too long...im in my second year , and its summer... A lot of my animals died cuz i had spent all of my money on seeds and other stuff...i have a seed maker, but im soo poor..and i tried fishing, but it sucks...it takes so long, and you hardly ever catch anything worthwhile.. Ever since i married celia and had my son, nothing interesting happens..i spent a lot of money on his toys... i need to know how to make quick cash...and also....does this game go on forever!?!?!?!? And wat am i supposed to do with my son?? And...why doesnt anything interesting happen anymore? I PASS EACH DAY BY WAKING UP..EATING WILD FOOD...MILKING MY ONLY COW...DIGGING AT THE SITE, THEN GOING TO VAN! Its getting annoying!
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    Alex1 posted on Dec 23, 2004 6:24:28 PM - Report post
    my little sister playeys that game I stopped playing animale crossing because it lasted untill 2017(go figure) and its pointless its not like halo2 in halo2 your saving the world so that has a point(not in real life) I would recomend (sorry about the spelling) bying an Xbox and playing halo 2 or something else i mean you play games to beat and enjoy not for it to last forever harvest moon is pretty lame but hay thats me
    go to my frickin website i have so please just look at it. freewebs.com/plainolalex/
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    Mr.Helper posted on Dec 26, 2004 6:46:25 PM - Report post
    RE:"Quick Cash"

    first take a sickle then go to back of barn so your outside with the fodder plants then "sickle" the plants so it will be in your fodder bin...

    then go to the bin and there will be at least 100 foder if u spent at least 3 min. "sickling" the plants then go to vans and sell them he will buy for 15 dollars each thats 1k in 10 min!!!!----- Or buy a action replay device and sheat for infinite money
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    KD posted on Dec 30, 2004 5:53:17 PM - Report post
    If you want quick money, befriend Ruby and get the Ruby Spice. It's a cheat but it works! Get a Ruby Spice and go to cook. use only the Ruby Spice in the recipe and press start. then you will have duplicated them do this process until you get 99. Go sell them to Van. Keep one Ruby Spice for yourself so you can do this cheat over if you want. Each Ruby Spice sells for 100G. This may take a while but it is worth it!
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    Gothika posted on Feb 25, 2005 12:53:31 PM - Report post
    grow a banana tree, it takes 1 year to grow, get bananas of the tree in summer put em in the seed maker. wen the bananas r seeds plant a few to get more bananas, jst plant 1 cuz u get 30 on each tree, sell the seeds to van. each seed goes for 750 g!
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    kirbyrocks6 posted on Aug 16, 2006 12:03:00 PM - Report post
    1.Your first money solution is to cheat.That's what I did.
    2.If you don't cheat,then buy a sheep.Talk to it,brush it,pet it and wash it.Then shear it and sell the wool to Van.Oh and keep it outside unless it rains.
    3.Buy chickens.Keep it outside on sunny days,keep it fed and pick it up when it isn't asleep.
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