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Help!!!! Can't Kill Lao-Shan Lung!!!!!
Wyvern_Death  posted on Apr 04, 2009 9:37:47 AM - Report post

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Yo!!!!! the freaking Lao-Shan Lung keeps destroying the fortress!!!! how do I stop him without the "dragonater"? Also can you use the "dragonater" more than once?
CaptainKi  posted on Apr 21, 2009 7:32:08 PM - Report post

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The Lao-shan yung is a very easy wyvern to destroy. This is because he has no attacks against you, you can just accidentally get stepped on or whipped by his tail. The best weapon to destroy him with is called the Obelion since it's weakest to the Dragon attribute and the sword has a moderate dragon attribute while boasting moderate strength and sharpness. This sword is easily acquired. No, you can't use the Dragonator more than once, wait for the lao-shan to stand up on it's legs and walk towards the fortress before it attacks, fire the dragonator. Before you even get to the fortress, though, get 2 large barrel bomb+'s (supplied in the box) and buy 10 small barrel bombs and 3 large barrel bombs. Set them up in zone 1 while you wait for the lao-shan to appear. Once it's head is above the two wyvern-bombs (large barrel bomb +) set them off (and run away) with a small barrel bomb. Do this again with the large barrel bombs until you're outta bombs. Then go towards it's head and start doing a triangle-circle-triangle combo until it's head is too far away. Then stop, sheath your weapon, catch up to its' head, and then press triangle and start the combo again. Do this until it gets to the fort. Once you get to the fort the lao-shun will probably stand up. While it's coming towards the fort you can use the balista ammo to weaken it when it's on it's feet walking towards you. You can normally get in 5-7 shots depending on how good you are with the Balista cannon. Use the dragonator tactics and dont use all the balista ammo because it'll be able to attack the fort before you do and then you'll have to wait for it to stand up again before you can use the dragonator (by that time it'll be able to take out 10-20% of the fortress) Once you've hit the lao-shan with the dragonator head to the left of the platform where the wall gives way and you can fall down. Fall down and assault the dragons' head until it stands up. Once it does you head back to the "gnads" of the dragon and start whipping out massive combos. Usually you'll stop it from moving forward, which is good. Most people using this method destroy the dragon with 10-30% of the fortress's health remaining. The head of the lao-shan is carvable, along with the body. There's 8-9 carves total (3 from the head and 4 from the body) and start asap because it takes the full minute to get them all in. The second weakness is fire, which means getting a sword with a high fire attribute and attack power, such as the Barbaroi Blade which can't be obtained until G-ranked quests. Save before departing on this quest so if you fail you can quit and then re-load the game so you have all your stuff.

WARNING! This quest gets extremely boring, especially after failing once. I recommend stopping if you fail and then trying the next day or a few hours later.

A final note: Good luck!

P.S. I'm HR2 and I've got a whole bunch of weapons and armour from 3-7 rareness. I've killed the lao-shan 3 times, and you get better after experience. DON'T FORGET WHETSTONES! (I've learned my lesson with that)

Wyvern_Death  posted on Apr 24, 2009 4:54:02 PM - Report post

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Thank You....just one thing how do you get the obelion
CaptainKi  posted on Apr 26, 2009 12:41:13 PM - Report post

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If you don't want a run-down on my attribute rant then just go to the bottom where it says this is what you want. Now, if you know about monsters' weaknesses, then you should know that the higher attribute you have on its' weakness, the more damage you're going to do? This means that (this is true) if the Black Gravios is extremely weak (EXTREMELY) to water, then you want a weapon with high sharpness (to pierce armour and not bounce off) and high water attribute (the main attack not mattering so much) so, a good sword for this would be the Plesioth Crystasword, which is an upgrade of the finblade. Now I know that's not what you're having problems with, it was just an example. The normal (elder-quest) lao-shan is extremely to moderately weak to dragon which means you want a weapon with low-moderate dragon attribute, which could either be the Obelion or the Titernia. Obelion having superior attack and Titernia having superior dragon attribute (over the other one).

!@#$%^&*THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT!!@#$%^&*

Create the bone blade then upgrade to
Bone Blade +
Agito +
Dragon Agito
Golem Blade
Golem Blade +
Obelion [or] Valkyrie Blade
Stops here* [or] Titernia

*You can't upgrade the Obelion to the Geyser Sword untill G-ranked quests where you can get the items to actually do that.

After you get the Geyser Sword, then comes the Pale Keizeh and after the Titernia comes the Blushing Dame.

Wyvern_Death  posted on Apr 27, 2009 11:24:58 AM - Report post

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ok so the obelion is a great sword. Alright are there any good dual blades or SnS for this mission?
CaptainKi  posted on May 11, 2009 12:33:15 PM - Report post

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Sorry, but that's a horrible idea. You should really kill it first with a greatsword then try smaller swords (1) because big swords are easier to handle (and 2) because dualswords don't reach up an dull out very quickly on this quest... aka you won't be able to bring enough whetstones to keep your swords at maximum potential. But, some good dual swords would probably be the gradios which have a decent fire attribute and attack for easy-to-get dual swords. For SnS I'd recommend the one sword that has green rarity (sorry I'm grounded I can't check what it's called but I'll post if I remember ;p ) and starts with a "C" because it's fire attribute for a SnS is through the roof. Did you defeat it by the way?
Wyvern_King  posted on May 17, 2009 1:45:25 PM - Report post

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i also have something that mite help you. i havent defeated it yet, but the lao shan also has a sort of rage mode while walking to area 5. if you attack it enough ive noticed that it will speed up a little and it is harder to get good hits on it with the great sword. i onlytried with the great sword but im sure its the same with other weapons. just thought that this might help you out some
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