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mort1001  posted on Mar 01, 2009 1:41:20 AM - Report post

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can any one help i am suck in the billding were they blow it up i get to the end were the guys go up in the lift but i am stuck they and burn to death ever time please help thx
Alaric_Kell  posted on Mar 01, 2009 3:38:32 AM - Report post

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Trying to think of what you're referring to...There are like 5,000+/- different buildings being blown up and on fire in this game, you know?

The best way to play this game, over-all, is to do it like FEAR and it's expos...Always take it SLOW, stay in crouch mode unless you like getting your head popped off by weapons' fire...

When you see screen changes, or how can I put this...When the screen starts flickering and your vision flashes, get ready to get out of crouch, enter Uber-Reflex Mode, and get out your napalm grenades, chances are, you're about to start running into Alma's pets or the beast herself, and the best way to deal with them is with the flamethrower and pineapples in slo-mo so you can burn them and get the hell out of the way before they set you on fire.

When dealing with puzzles, and there are many, again, crouch mode, and take it SLOW, every single puzzle in this game, including the massive *SPOILER* tram puzzle at the end, take it slow. If you move around too much, you'll take too much damage from stray shots and you'll miss those all-important ammo pickups and medpacks and armors...

FEAR 1 was all about keeping your head down, and using your head, and when things got crazy with Alma's pets and her own little tantrums, that's when you move fast and don't use explosives to deal with it...I loved watching people in FEAR 1 try to end the game using the MP-50 cannon you got, they always blew themselves to bits trying to deal with Alma's pets, always use SMG then.

FEAR 1: Always carry only three weapons: Pistol and then Nailgun then Plasma Sniper when you got the chances for those upgrades...Keep the SMG. Keep the shotgun, replace shotgun with explosive guns and/or missiles when entering zones with lots of hard targets that sniper weapons can't deal with.

SMG is always the best thing to deal with regular enemies (reppies and Armacham's little weekend warriors)...Shotgun should be used when low on SMG ammo, or learn how to use melee without being hit in slo-mo...It's quite simple once you learn the flow and timing.

In FEAR 2, sniper rifle sucks compared with nailgun, plasma gun at end of game is useless against the final enemies, since they are primarily melee and Alma's super-speed pets, so explosives=bad idea...Better to stick with guns that have plenty of ammo and have good to awesome accuracy and reload times...

The normal shotgun has a stupid reload time in FEAR 2, needs to be patched to be faster, period. The Armacham shotgun reloads nice like FEAR 1, so use that when you can...

If you could tell me what level you're on, I can give much more detailed help...Thanks

PandaTech  posted on Mar 01, 2009 7:46:52 PM - Report post

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Run to the elevator, and push the button on the left side, it will call the elevator back down. Hurry or the pipes will break open exposing the gas and will catch fire. Burns everything to a nice crisp.

Hope this helps

Alaric_Kell  posted on Mar 01, 2009 9:07:26 PM - Report post

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Ooh, you mean when you get past all the hospital stuff, and make it to the cargo elevator to get out of the hospital and into the *SPOILER* Cloning Labs?

Well, that's relatively simple...First, run to your left, grab what you need to there, then engage slo-mo while you run to elevator (this is a case where steatlh and crouch doesn't help, you may want to not use that method until after you're clear of the initial stairs leading away from the elevator platforms altogether, after you get out of the elevator itself, as you'll have to run a little bit to escape some falling stairways or get drowned in wreckage)...

Hit that button to get it started, then un-engage slo-mo, and wait for the doors to open, hit slo-mo again, engage button, and then hope you were fast enough to get the doors shut before the final gas pipes explode, you may get burned if you aren't in the back of the elevator car when that blast goes off, though...Un-engage slo-mo as soon as the doors shut, though, because you'll need slo-mo almost as soon as you exit the elevator, because you emerge into about a half-dozen guards armed and ready for anything that pops out of that car...Well, ok, ALMOST anything

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