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I'm a bit disappointed with WH2
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    MaD_MaT posted on Mar 11, 2009 1:51:17 PM - Report post
    Well if this is the way RTS game will look in future then bye bye RTS genre. It's more like Diablo point and click - was good some years ago. RTS is RTS not some stupid, console like game. Look at halo wars - this DoW2 game look familiar to it. And four squads? LOL!! Even skrimish ( multiplayer) is f*cked up. Relic is one of the best, but this game is one of the worst from them. Technically good but lacking gameplay.
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    einsteingamer02 posted on Mar 11, 2009 2:23:29 PM - Report post
    now I like a heated debate as much as anyone
    but what is going on here, Relic and THQ clearly stated that they were bringing on a whole new idea when they were building up to the release also they had to remake the game play to allow the Tyranids to fit into the game they also wanted it to be more in keeping to the Warhammer 40000 Universe which it has done
    I would like to say however that while the emoting of the characters is welcome and more realistic the Imperium is a massively oppressive regime to live under and that, while unbelievably welcome and likable, the RPG system makes no sense as that Space Marines you upgrade already have an enormous amount of battle experience
    finally the only real argument I have with the game is the lack of swarms of Tyranids, if one were to read the descriptions of Tyranid invasions in books like Warriors of Ultramar, you would read of walls of creatures charging the walls of a city defended by two companies of Space Marines
    of course you only really see this twice in the game
    all in all a very good game and as with the problems of the lack of sides remember how the last series of Dawn of War ended up
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    Hunter48 posted on Mar 11, 2009 6:25:59 PM - Report post
    I'm not sure if the game is as horrible as people make it out to be. Who doesn't like a change in gaming? Like the previous guy said, Relic said they would remake the game, so it would be totally different. I've also heard complaints of not being able to build a base. Well....to be honest...you don't NEED that ability. You get different defensive upgrades, such as the techmarine's ability to build turrets, and the Hive Boss's
    ability to build reinforcement pods. It's just stupid that people think basebuilding has to be in the game or it's not good. Even though that may be the case in some games ,like War Commander, it's not true for others. I think DOWII is a good game, especially the ability to customize your single-player heroes with weapons and armor. Who cares if you don't get MASSIVE armies for the campaign? That just shows it's not a stereotype of most others. It adds the the challenge and fun of the game. If you still think you should have enormous amounts of men, try one of the mods on this site. They're there for that reason.

    All in all, DOWII is a good game. New style. New campaign. New online features. It's nice to have soething different once in a while. I hope this post has enlightened and informed whoever reads it, and I hope they can look closer at the game's strong points, which are really the main idea.
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    AirCoN posted on Mar 12, 2009 11:14:49 AM - Report post
    I could agree that DoW2 is a good game, but its just not a RTS game, and nor is it a game in the Dawn Of War series. Its just not anything like the the other DoW games, it is something new, other than the army painter .

    I'm not sure what they have classified the game as, probably strategy, but its not much of that either. You just bundle your 4xsquads and move up the map, you don't have much of strategy choice either since you only got those 4 squads, not much else. (I have not played thru the game so that might change, hope so)

    What I wanted in DoW2, was more of what`s in all the other DoW games, just with more bling bling, and a nice story to go with. So from those expectation, I'm just disappointed.
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    Hunter48 posted on Mar 12, 2009 4:58:25 PM - Report post
    I'm just sayin' that Relic probably wanted to try a different
    approach to the genre.

    Oh and is anyone else not getting to keep their army-painter designs even though they are saved?
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    DarkKing666 posted on Mar 13, 2009 10:23:57 PM - Report post
    originally posted by endersblade

    I can't believe they castrated DoW like this. The campaign is ONLY for the marines? WTF? No base building? Can only have like 4 squads EVER? They should've released this game as something else, preferably on a console, and made a REAL DoW2. There are a lot of us out there that don't play multiplayer, meaning we won't really get to play with all of the other races as extensively as we do the stupid humans. They finally add the 'nids to the DoW universe, but remove the DoW game. Fail.

    Did you ever play Dawn of War? The first one? The campaign in that was only for the Space Marines - aside from one or two occasions where some Imperial Guards troops were assigned to you, it was nothing but Blood Ravens the whole way through.

    As for base building - well, this way is a lot fluffier. No base building in the table top game.

    I quite like the style DoW 2 has used - it reminds me of Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate in some ways. My main complaint is that it becomes very repetitive quite quickly.

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    wbankard posted on Mar 15, 2009 12:08:36 AM - Report post
    Yes the game itself is good but I'd prefer it without STEAM. The fact it's online to play is rediculous. When you play an online game it takes forever to match up and then the matchup sucks. I just had a one on one as a rank one with a rank 28. Thats fare right ... he has upgrades I cannot compete against at level one. What with the matchup system? Whats with all the lag time ... last night /this morning the through put was terrible; it was like everone was on dial-up. We had six disconnects because of speed. My son has much more experience with online games Xbox360 and he also is disapointed with the online game matchup. There are just not enough maps online. Where's the other half of the game?
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