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Sacred 2 Save Game Editor
Karach0s  posted on Oct 20, 2010 1:32:11 AM - Report post

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That's quite a missed statement, HornyMan08. The file is a 7zip archive and you can download a FREE archiver here: Link.
HornyMan08  posted on Oct 22, 2010 2:37:13 PM - Report post

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This save game editor does not work I tried it and when I go back to my game my charitor is the same as before no changes not only that the trainer also don't work so I am desten to play the game as is thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!
DwainDibbly  posted on Oct 26, 2010 9:01:42 AM - Report post

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It works perfictly. No problems what so ever on three systems, made playing the game much more fun, thank you very much Karach0s for your efforts.

HornyMan08 =


Uotr  posted on Nov 07, 2010 2:26:35 PM - Report post

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I'm still getting the Experience not found! bug.Tested it on both XP 32 and 7 64, getting the error on both systems. My current game version is 2.02 PL. Gonna try to update then test it out. I already tried leveling up as someone before wrote it worked, it didnt change anything for me though.
fraz2010  posted on Nov 14, 2010 2:19:36 AM - Report post

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The character mod is awesome. Only issue is that the God Spell changer seems to be greyed out for me, so I can't select a different one. Any ideas how to fix this?

If not is there a way to transfer quest / map data from one character to another? This would give me the same result, as I could make a new toon, with a different god spell, and update him to the same level as my existing toon.

Karach0s  posted on Nov 17, 2010 5:01:59 AM - Report post

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Hi Uotr and fraz2010, sorry for the late reply.

Uotr, it is perfectly safe to assume that the editor will not work with game version 2.02. Language does not matter, by the way. You see, save structure changed hugely since the first game release. You have 2 options here:
1. you can update your game to latest version 2.43; then the editor should work.
2. you can forget about editing save files, sorry.

I would advise you to go with option 1, since there is no reason not to update the game, as the initial release was full of bugs anyway (not that it changed much, though ). But it is up to you to decide.

fraz2010, you cannot change the deity. I explained why the editor doesn't allow to do this on page 29, fourth post from the top. Please, have a look, if you wish. And sorry to say, there is no way to transfer quest or map data between toons. It would require to know the whole save structure and I, for one, know only a small fragment of it.

Ed-Zero  posted on Nov 19, 2010 10:44:31 PM - Report post

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Hello Karach0s,

I recently found your editor and I must say that I enjoy it very much. I just wanted to ask about a couple of things that hopefully are able to happen or at least get a reply on.

1) When doing a unsafe edit of the combat mods on a art you have and selecting 2 first level mods, the modifier for the art shows up as -1. When going back into the game, the game constantly shows up as having 4,2xx points (Only the 4,2 is visible so I'm guessing it's 4,200 or so). Anyways, this does not go away and will remain there for as long as you have two or mods on the same level checked (meaning the + sign on your portrait is always flashing). Can you force it to 0 instead of -1 so this can be avoided?

2) Is it possible to have a character gain combat arts that do not belong to them? (ex: a high elf gaining the shadow warriors minion buff) I see that you have it possible to edit the skills that belong inherently to the class but it would be interesting to mix and match what is available to them (kind of like giving the shadow bargaining [one of my biggest gripes when every other class in the game has it])

3) Can item specific editing be done? I'd love to add different enhancements to the weapons we collect

Thanks in advance and thank you for all your hard work on this!

P.S. ~ I originally had problems with the gold modifier but I figured out that if you change the value then click on the + or - sign of the gold then it will permanently change whereas just typing in a number will result in no gold being added.

[Edited by Ed-Zero, 11/20/2010 8:03:27 AM]

Karach0s  posted on Nov 22, 2010 2:47:18 AM - Report post

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Hello, Ed-Zero.

Thanks for the kind words. Now, to answer your questions:

1. It is not quite as you have described. Lets assume you have a Seraphim who is level 10 and you put 10 points in her Celestial Magic focus skill. Then you can choose a total of 3 modification points for any of her Celestial Magic combat arts. Lets assume you plan to advance her Radiant Pillar. Now it doesn't matter at all if you use the editor and choose 2 bronze modifications and one silver, one bronze and 2 silver, or even 2 gold and one silver AS LONG AS YOUR TOTAL NUMBER OF MODIFICATIONS DOES NOT EXCCEED 3. You can have a total of 15 modificaction points for any aspect (by increasing aspect skills), so it perfectly safe to upgrade 2 combat arts with all their modifications and one other CA with any 3 modifications. The problem begins when you try to choose more modifications than possible with your current aspect level (eg. if the game allows you to choose 3 modifications and you choose 4 - disabling the safe editing). The game will then tell you that you have 4,2... modifiactions available. Why is that? Sacred does not save the number of total modification points available in the save file (at least I didn't find it anywhere ). It is my understanding that the game always counts the available modifications points based on the aspect skills and substracts the number of modifications used. So if the value is -1, the game reads it as hex FFFFFFFF, and displays as unsigned value 4294967295. Thus the 4,2... points available. The editor shows you -1 points to distribute for your information only (you then know, that you exceeded your total modifications available). It does not store the value anywhere in the file. So forcing it to 0 would do nothing in game. It is one of the main quirks that bug me in Sacred 2, but I can do nothing about it. Nothing other than minding not to exceed total modifications available, that is.

2. Technically it is, but it would require some serious hex editing. With editor it is not possible. Let me explain why. Skills are stored in a save file as simple numbers, so changing them is no hard task. But combat arts, God only knows why, are stored as character strings. For example Seraphim's Radiant Pillar is saved as se_cm_lichtsaeule. se - seraphim, cm - celestial magic (or its German counterpart), lichtsauele - Radiant Pillar in German? Changing it to other CA that's name is of the same length (17 chars) is not difficult. So you could easily change Seraphim's Radiant Pillar with Dragon Mage's Protector (dm_co_beschuetzer). But changing it to Shadow Warior's Demonic Blow (sk_hc_harterschlag) would cause the save to become corrupted - you could not load your toon any longer. It is confirmed, that there are some offsets stored in the save file, that define different sections of the save file and their length. I, for one, do not know where they are, so I cannot change them to correct the new combat art length. This is basically the only problem, since I have confirmed that changing combat arts of the same name length is possible. Note that this is also the reason why you can't add new skills with the editor - you can only replace/modify existing ones, that you chose in game.

3. Please, look here: Link. There is a great item editor by jimbouk. Hopefully you can use it to do what you want.

@PS. Now this is unexpected. Gold modifier should work with typing in a number as well. Maybe after changing focus from it to another text field? But fortunatelly it works with +/- buttons.

Well, I hope the answers I provided are understandable. Sometimes I forget not everyone is a software developer, but I hope what I wrote clarified some of your concerns.
Have fun with the editing.

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